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DJ Friction [Shogun Audio, UK]
 DJ Friction [Shogun Audio, UK]

interview [ru]

Interview with CLS & Wax
by backpacker & Qsto
March 2007
Lviv - Warsaw

I googled for an interview with you but found nothing but bios at myspace. Dont you like giving interviews? Or maybe your interviews are not available online (or I searched not hard enough)?

Wax: I think we gave couple of them. There was one on Slovakian dnb page, we also did one for Bulgarian guys, something for Dogs On Acid, and couple minor ones for polish clubbing media. Giving interviews is quite ok, as long as there are some reasonable questions, not like ”why dnb” or ”how does it started”.

Typical one, but still: whats the story behind your nicknames?

Wax: Wax is for the vinyl record and Vax is a medical abbreviation for vaccine. But back in the days i also used Max Wax.

CLS: CLS is shorter version for Clauss, which was my nickname on IRC.

How did you hook up together?

Wax: I dont remember exactly how it was. I think it was thru the internet. Some IRC channel. We were talking about music, and it appeared that we have similar taste.

Please describe yourselves as personalities in few words.

Wax: I think itd be much easier to describe each other. CLS is a bit shy, and a bit introvert, but he knows his goals and is determined to achieve them. Unless you give him couple drinks - then he becomes a bomb.

CLS: Wax loves fast cars and fancy drinks. Always looks for something new in music. Hes that kind of guy that u really like to speak with.

How long did it take to be released on Hospital & other labels, basically become recognized on the international scene? How did it actually happen?

CLS: Few years of everyday working with music and improving production skills. Sending out demos etc. One day weve just received en email with release offer. Thats all.

Please tell a few words about Polish dnb scene.

Wax: It is a bit divided. On one hand you have the part which is very hard, and very ”orthodox”. I mean those people who call things like liquid funk: ”gay dnb”. But on there other hand, theres quite many people who play this kind of sounds.

How do people treat liquid/soulful/deep flavors in your country?

Wax: I think they like it. Weve been working on it for years.

AFAIK, you are members of NeverAfter organization: let us know more about it.

CLS: Its all about promoting dnb in Poland and doing quality events.

How intense are your promotional activities?

Wax: Weve promoted, produced and co-produced not less then 40 gigs with foreign artist. Itd be a really long list to mention all of them, you can find it on our webpage.

Are you having many gigs outside Poland?

Wax: Not really. I think only couple a year.

Whats the balance between time spent on musicmaking and DJing?

Wax: For me its like 30/70

CLS: For me its rather 60/40 but Id love to play more gigs. I love it.

What's your source of inspiration?

Wax: All the music Ive used to listen to since I was a kid.

CLS: I think everything thats around me. Sometimes you just have and idea, but dont know where it came from.

How does the musicmaking process look like in your particular case? Who does what? How much time does it take to come up with a tune?

CLS: Im doing most of production, we share composition stuff and then were making an arrangement and mix together. Sometimes it takes just few hours, sometimes few weeks.

What about collaborating with other producers?

CLS: Id really like to do more collaboration tracks but its sometimes hard to find time for that.

Please describe your studio set-up.

Wax: Were mainly computer based at the moment. I use EMU soundcard, Tannoy Reveal monitors and M-Audio Axiom keyboard.

CLS: I have an Yamaha AN1x but I use it rather like masterkeyboard and Alesis M1 monitors. Were totally into digital recording.

Are you producing or DJing in other genres but dnb?

Wax: I always wanted to play some 2step and garage. But dont have enough money to buy the records.

CLS: Yeah, I think its the same with me.

What are you up to except for musicmaking, DJing and promotion? Who are you by profession?

Wax: Were both connected somehow with computers. Im network security manager.

CLS: Im an IT student and Im really into movies and photography. I think we both like to cook smile.gif.

What music do you listen for your own pleasure?

Wax: Some jazz, funk and garage

CLS: And some ambient.

What is your favorite release/tune?

Wax: Nasty Habits and Goldie – Golden Fingers (Liquid Fingers remix)

CLS: Its hard to choose one. Adam F – Circles I think.

Favorite labels?

Wax: Hospital, Liquid V, Spearhead.

CLS: And old Defunked releases.

Favorite all-time producers?

Wax: High Contrast, Carlito, Danny Byrd, A.I.

Whom would you like to distinguish among upcoming producers and those producers who shined brightly in 2006?

Wax: I think theres plenty people to come. In my opinion guys from Finland – Contour & Kaleb are among those.

CLS: Definitely!

What's your opinion on music accessibility on the Web? How do you react to something like cls-black_and_white-medic2-vinyl-2006-xtc? Do you tolerate this?

Wax: It is really hard to fight with it. I even think it is impossible. Its all just a matter of respect for the music, and those who create it. All we can do is teach people.

What's your opinion on internet-labels, namely those who release free stuff?

Wax: They get people used to getting music for free, so they spoil all the effort of regular labels to sell records.

Your favorite (most visited) site: dnb-wise & in general?

Wax: google.com

CLS: smile.gif


Wax: No, thank you.

General aspirations in life?

Wax: Keep the balance & have fun with it.

How do you envisage CLS & Wax future in terms of production, releases, DJing, gigs etc? What can we expect coming up from you in the nearest future?

Wax: Some good bits&pieces. I hope our tune with Betel on Liquid V should appear soon. We also have forthcoming 12” on 31, and were now finishing preparing EP for Spearhead.

What do you think of contemporary dnb scene? In what state is it nowadays? Where is it heading for?

Wax: It is basically connecting different genres together. See Pendulum playing a rock concert, or Noisia doing a electro house tune.

Shouts/greetings to Ukrainian dnb-heads/junglists & dnb.in.ua crew?

Wax: Big shouts to all FunkMasters crew, T-Trider, Aleftin, and last but not least all the dnb vibe lovers all around the Ukraine.


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