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 Logistics [UK]

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Interview with Paradox

by backpacker
January 19, 2007
Kyiv, Ukraine

Part 2:

You want to bring that old flavour back and what do you think: what artists push drum&bass forward? I mean not returning back that vibe but pushing sound forward.

People that are pushing it forward, Iíd say… Iím not this big fan of all Kluteís stuff, but I respect his music and the way he adapts and changes. I mean heís not still the same Klute when I was on a label with him (we were on the same label in the past).

But when you hear it you can definitely say itís Klute.

Yes. I do like what he does. I know him and I know how he thinks as well. I know heís not thinking ”Oh, Iíll have to change my music to survive in this world”, I know heís not doing that. And I know Dom or Calibre, I know he doesnít sit in the studio to make music for money because thatís just not him. Heís turning down offers to make money to make music. So thereís a crux of artists. And of course itís gonna sound a bit biased, but Seba is just the most talented musician out there and heís unbelievable. The guyís musical mind is just impressive.

You know, thereís so much shit out there that itís really hard to pin-point groups that do it. Because so many people have left the scene and now are doing shit music. So many people were making good music and now I see a tracklist on the Internet, Iím new to their track and I go like ”Thatís not them, is it?!” So everyone has fallen and joined the pack, they donít wanna be left on the shelf and their career just crumbles. So instead of being an outsider on the side they go ”Iíll join everyone else, f**k it”.

Or, in theory, because music is like that, they actually like it now. And itís funny because to be honest thereís an artist like that, whom I really know. And thatís Blame. And I really donít like what heís doing, but I know what heís doing he likes. So I canít really have a go, because as a musician he has changed – OK. Iíll be honest, I think itís rubbish what heís doing, but I canít really have a go in too much, because he really does like that and every man has his own right to choose his own reality in a sense. So I have just to accept it. But I listen to old Blameís records and Iím just blown away…

Itís like the other person.

Yes, itís like a different alias almost. Yeah, Blame is a good example of a person like that. There are many good other people that I didnít mention, I really just struggle to find who is doing that. Itís the crux of Seba, Marcus, Calibre, Klute… They are all old heads. I really canít think of many new artists making kind of really good impression. Oh, but there are two new guys called Raf & Ill Logic that appeal to me. But itís really some of the old ones that I respect and I can count them on one hand.

And thatís a bit sad…

It is really. Because, to be honest, I really looked up to music J Majik was doing, but J Majik now is like J Majik has died. I donít know J Majik well as a person so I donít know if he enjoys what he does…

Maccís live performances – like playing drums live – does that appeal to you?

Yeah, thatís cool. I mean, he wasnít performing abroad so I sent him to Croatia and he broke his European debut. Weíve done one in Latvia and in two weeks time me and Macc are in Lithuania. So thatís good, he hasnít been abroad and I just threw him into the deep pan and just said ”Go and do it” and he was ”Oh, Iíll have to get a plane?” – ”Of course youíve got to get a plane!”

Is he afraid of flying like Big Bud?

No, not afraid of flying, but the organisation in a different country – anything may go wrong really. But, you know, heís good at it. Weíve done a few other things now in Holland. And itís good to have another live artist on the label.

But you perform separately. Havenít you thought of playing together? For example, Macc does drums and you take care of the rest?

Yeah, in Lithuania we might do something together.

Havenít you done DJing at all?


So what you think of this? Do you consider it to be an artform or something?

Yes, it is in a sense. Iíve had Technics 1200 for 10 years but I never used them. I often see Seba DJing. Seba mixes music.

Not beats.

Oh, beatmatching is simple, but he mixes music. Like when we will be out and he will hear his track and the next one coming in he will go ”Why she had done that?” And everyoneís going crazy because she mixes it perfectly in time; maybe the first minute of the track that she brought in was clashing with the one that was playing. And Seba goes like ”Iíd never do that”. And thatís the musician speaking. When he DJs because I know that and noone else does I hear it differently. Everyone else just hears – oh, itís in time, he doesnít f**k up. But when you hear the music… Iíve seen the different side to DJing. And I donít like the non-interaction of doing it.

But Iíve made a pact that I will start doing it only when something happens and my girlfriend gets pregnant. Because sheís like ”Oh, when I get pregnant you are f**kiní working two arses now, because my bum is sitting still and you have to work twice as hard and that means you doing more gigs, getting on the road to bring that f**kiní money home”. Then I can do more shows in England, donít have to go far and be home in time. So I agreed.

Oh, we can expect some DJing from you!

Only if that accident occurs. smile.gif Put it this way: if someone says to me ”When will you start DJing?”, Iíll say ”Iím not planning on having a baby” smile.gif.

Who do you respect as DJs?

Well, technique really, because I donít DJ and donít listen to a lot of DJs. I like DJ Flight for what she plays: something different, she can slap on something by me, Seba or Macc – I thing for her to acknowledge that – and then play something simply weird. I think she is more across the spectrum. So I like Flight and Iíll go to see her DJing somewhere.

Artificial Intelligence: when they DJ I like it because theyíre quite tight, theyíre like the old Randall. I also enjoy A-Sides DJing, he works hard, always DJing across the world. And again actually A-Sides is another guy that makes good music, so he is also the one I respect. Again heís another ”old person” like me. So yes, A-Sides, DJ Flight… Fab & Groove – I just lost them…

Both of them?

Well, Grooverider more. I still enjoy Fabio but he still plays records that Iím like ”What the f**k are you doing?” You know, he has just changed – I donít like Fabio as much as I used to like.

What music do you listen to in your spare time?

Strictly funk music and drum&bass from that period that I said earlier. Some music like the band called Keane in England: itís not pop-music; itís mainly a guy on the piano and the guy singing. They kind of bend over to the side where itís not mainstream music. They are on Island Records and Island Records sees them as pop-stars and then markets them as pop-star but the music doesnít fit that format, if you know what I mean. I hear them on the radio and I acknowledge them.

I like those jazz and funk and all the people that are into it. 4 Hero of course. Again itís the old thing like detroit house, detroit techno. Ambient sounds that have no breaks and pure 20 minutes of textures - I like listening to that. And feeding of that, I get ideas for music. Indian music, because Iím Indian myself.

What about Amitís stuff?

Oh yeah, of course, Amit! Yeah, thatís another artist. Heís got his own sound. Amit and Outrage are the two I quite like.

What about your girlfriend: is she into drum&bass?

Yeah, she loves it. Itís really strange but sheís more into things like Squarepusher which is weird for a girl. Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada. And for her to be dating this guy… Iím not like that. You know, she listens to my stuff and sheís like ”Why donít you do more things like Squarepusher, darling?” and Iím like ”God, I donít want to have this kind of conversation with my future wife at an early stage. Cup of tea, darling. Oh, I hear a leak” smile.gif – you know what I mean – ”Iíll go fix that leak” and Iím out of the room smile.gif.

But I think thatís kind of cool. The other day she said ”I like that track called ”Love her” by you and Nucleus” I mean she never mentioned anything about it. She was like ”Saw my friend the other day and she thinks itís really dark but I donít think it is. It isnít dark, itís a bit mistical”. Sheís really young as well, so itís kind of good because either sheíd go ahead screwed on in a way. And sheís like ”Oh, I f**kiní hate Pendulum! It makes me puke” and Iím like ”Thatís my girl!” I didnít even pay her to do that, you know what I mean smile.gif.

Apart from music what are your general aspirations in life? Hobbies, what do you do outside music?

I play table tennis and Iím really good at it.


Donít ever call it that! Itís called table tennis. Ping-pong is just the wrong word, man. There are two words that I donít like and they are ”demo” and ”ping-pong”. When I was 17 I played for England in under-17 category in like regional finals table tennis. But then I went to Japan where I was beaten by the 10-year old and it was a bit embarassing. That stopped me playing for a while. To get beaten by the 10-year old girl talking with her parents while playing. I was like ”Thereís something wrong here with this country. She must be on steroids or something. Sheís 10, but sheís on ping-pong steroids. Some 10-year old can beat me?! Iím f**kiní Paradox!” So yeah, table tennis, uhm…

uk: Football, Liverpool…

Oh yeah, Liverpool! Iíve got Liverpool shirt at home. I donít know if you noticed it, but if you support a team a lot, when I put my shirt on I honestly feel like I could play football – itís weird. When you take it of itís like ”Uh, still fat”. But when you put it on youíre like ”Yeah! I can play!” Itís weird when you idealize something that much. Yeah, Liverpool, table tennis… Iíve got an eye for pretty girls – just looking: model girls and those things. My best friend is a fashion designer as well. Uh… Just trying to edit breaks, trying to find different breaks… Itís for the tune ”Iíll play for Liverpool” smile.gif

When Liverpool won the European Cup recently in the last two years was the only time Iíve cried that havenít involved something emotional to do with life. But itís weird when you put the shirt you forget that you are fat, you are thin, your are too unfit, that youíll never make the team ever in a million years, you put the shirt on and then you look in the mirror and you look like you could play. When I put my Liverpool top on I feel I can play.
And Seba doesnít like football. So Iíve got one with PARADOX on the back and Iíve got one with SEBA on the back. And Iíve given it as a present and he looked at the shirt and said ”Whatís this?”, I was like ”Beautiful shirt”, he was like ”Why are you giving it to me?”, I was like ”Itís for you”, he was like ”Oh, cheers”, I was like ”Turn it around”, he was like ”Oh, f**k…” I was like ”Now you are a Liverpool fan”, so he had to accept it. He was like ”Cheers, Iíll wear it sometime maybe”.

And then when we were in Holland together and Teebee was playing (Teebee supports Chelsea who is like a rival). I was wearing my Liverpool top that night because Teebee was playing. And Seba goes to me: ”You are wearing your Liverpool top tonight?” and I was like ”Yeah, Teebee supports Chelsea and that will piss him off, wonít it? Thatís why I gonna wear it” and he was like ”I brought mine. I didnít mean to. Bella (his girlfriend) packed my bag and it was there” and I was ”Wear it and youíll bug off Teebee!” I used that angle and he was like ”Yeah, OK”.

So that night we were at the backstage and Teebee was like ”Ah, you bastard… We won the Championship last year” and I was like ”Weíve got 5 European Cups. How many have you got? – Zero!” So Teebee was really pissed smile.gif. Anyway, what happened was, Holland has a big football following and even Liverpool had a big Dutch following. At the end of the night Seba comes up to me and goes ”Iíll never f**kiní wear this shit ever again! People come up to me sayin ”Who is you favourite player? What do you think of that game?” And Seba was like ”What are you talking about?! I donít know who plays in Liverpool! f**kiní Paradox got it for me and Iím never wearing this shirt again. Stop asking questions about football! I donít know anything about it!”

He was like ”We go to Holland and noone asks me anything about music! f**kiní Liverpool, Iíll never wear that again!” It was classic! That was hillarious! smile.gif And he has never worn it since. And on my MySpace page thereís a picture of him DJing (he looks really serious) and he wears his red cap and ironically it matches the red shirt – he looked like a proper fan. And on my MySpace page it says ”Liverpoolís #1 fan Seba and hereís the proof” and itís just wikkid! smile.gif He hit me up then ”Take that picture off, man! It brings back bad memories!”

Any other funny stories from your touring?

Just so many really… But thatís the wikkid one. And when the story had come out, Teebee was really cracking on it. He was like ”You bought a fan! Heís not a fan – you bought him!” and I was like ”I doesnít matter. You still got zero!” smile.gif It was really really really funny.

And the final question: what are your plans for 2007? What can we expect from you and your labels?

Me and Seba are halfway through our album for Warner. So thatís gonna take a bit of time. And then me and Seba are touring far places. Weíve got to go to America again but we are choosing just 6 or 7 places that we really like. Doing those and coming home will take like 30 days which is just impossible to do. We are also invited to Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand - that all needs to be coordinated. Sebaís daughter is only one, so that all has to be strategically done.

Weíve got all our music, weíre doing all our labels – 4 labels need to continue. But Seba & Paradox album has to be taken forward. We and Herbie Hancock are talking about doing an album together. Just us two. A long 60-minute piece of music. Non-drum&bass of course, just one long thing. Me and Seba are also doing PlayStation music themes. There loads of multimedia things outside what we are doing.

In what genres?

Itís drum&bass music, but itís stuff for ESPN – music for games, we are doing that. Oh yeah, and Iíve got a track coming out on a label called BMG (one of the big five) that comes out in June. Itís called ”Archive” by me and Nucleus, so thatís Nucleus & Paradox on BMG.

There a lot of other things and Iíve got to try maintain the relationships with my girlfriend between England and Lithuania and thatís f**kiní difficult. Oh, itís just too much, to be honest. The most important is getting Seba & Paradox album correct. Every track wonít appear on a 12”. That will be 12 brand new pieces of music. And that involves a lot of flights obviously. Again it means another year of flying.

Good luck with that!

Yeah, yeah.

Thanks for the interview. It was nice talking to you indeed.

Yeah, cool.

Part 1.
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