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COUNTERSTRIKE [Algorythm Recordings, South Africa]
 COUNTERSTRIKE [Algorythm Recordings, South Africa]

ϳ DESTRUCTION. Chapter I, 09/02/2007, "S.Dali",
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Backpacker: Thijs and Nik were already Noisia by the time you joined them. Can you tell the story of how you became a member of the crew?

Martijn: Noisia was one of many names that Nik and Thijs have been using around that time and things were far from serious back then. I was making music aswell and we knew each other from going to the same high school and writing graffiti.
We became friends and started doing some tunes together, first as Noisia feat. Enser, but soon on a beautiful afternoon i asked them if i could join Noisia in the school cafeteria. (this was all way before we were even thinking about releasing music)

B: What does the musicmaking process look like (accidentally or planned)?

M: Nowadays we run a company and people (distribution, labels, listeners, ravers) expect us to come up with tunes and be productive. So we've got a pretty tight schedule and sometimes force ourselves into the studio to be in time for a deadline for a rmx or something like that. But it also still happens quite a lot that we're just f**king around and all of a sudden come up with something sick.

B: What's your source of inspiration?

M: My main source of inspiration is the will to create something that i enjoy listening to exactly fine-tuned to the way i want it to be.. and if you're looking for artist names.. a while ago i would've said Ed Rush & Optical, Konflict, Bad Company, Teebee and Cause 4 concern. But i found out that everything inspires me as long as it's well done. From dutch inderground hiphop to Wagner and from Amon Tobin to Britney Spears.

B: Does musical education help a lot?

M: It does, depending on what you want to achieve of course. If you want to freak out with the cut-off knob on your synth, you won't need it. But as soon as you want to look further it's definitely not a bad idea to actually know what you're doing, it just makes some things a lot easier.

B: What's your favorite piece of software/hardware?

M: Software: Cubase sx3. We do everything in cubase; sounddesign, audio editing, sequencing, mixdowns etc. Hardware: Acces virus TI, it's the only hardware synth we're using at the moment wink.gif

B: How much time do you spend on making music?

M: Most of the time we're not dj-ing, with family/friends/girlfriends, or getting shitfaced, we're making music.. so, it's pretty time consuming!

B: Role of weed/drugs in your creative process?

M: I like a good spliff wink.gif and there's definitely a whole lot of music we came up with while being high.. but never judge something only when your high.. it's still gotta sound good the next day too!

B: What's your opinion on internet-labels?

M: I think it's a good move. But it's still really small and relatively unknown. I can see (digital)internet sales getting a lot bigger in the near future and yes, it's a crazy time we're living in right now.. noone knows what's exactly gonna happen to the music industry.

B: What's your opinion on deeper and eclectic side of drum and bass?

M: We always did more than just dark and angry drum and bass, but at some point that kind of became the image of Noisia. So we came up with another name: Drifter, for the more deep and less aggressive side of dnb. I'm feeling a lot of what is happening in that sound nowadays.. people like Nu:tone, Commix, Logistics, Brooklyn (from Prague), D-bridge, Calibre and a shitload of other people are definitely making quality music.

B: What about dubwise and dubstep, are you feeling this stuff?

M: Great stuff! wink.gif
But seriously, i don't know much about it, but i think it's good to have something fresh coming up from the underground. We've been making some aswell.. just to try tho wink.gif

B: In your previous interviews you were highly emphasizing that you wouldn't have been where you are now if it wasn't for Anthony (Mayhem). What is his role now?

M: Anthony, first of all, is a really good friend of ours. We go visit him in Atlanta if we can and same goes for him when he's in Europe. We did quite some tunes with him, a couple of them quite recently. One of them Moonway Renegade ended up on Andy C's label Ram Records and Choke (featuring Mc Verse) just promoed on our own imprint Vision Recordings.

B: Do you have enough time to listen to music, watch for new labels and upcoming talent?

M: It feels like i haven't got time for anything right now! But yes, of course, i listen to a lot of music every day, dnb and non-dnb. Concerning new labels and talent, i get demo's every day and try to listen to it when i can.. but there's only 24 hours in a day wink.gif

B: What's the attitude of your friends and family to the music you're doing?

M: Most people we hang out with like what we're doing, our friends and parents actually come out pretty often if we play somewhere in or nearby groningen. But i think that also has to do with the fact that they know how much energy we put into doing what we do.

B: Other styles of music?

M: I'm producing for a dutch hiphop crew called Trefwoord and we (Noisia) like to f**k around on the mic ourselves aswell and make bullshit hiphop with bullshit lyrics as de Huilende Rappers (which means the crying rappers check: hustleathletics.com/piraatjes for downloads). But that's nothing serious. We've just released a house/breaks ep as Hustle Athletics on dutch label Lovebreakz. We also released some techno tunes as Frizz and i produced most of the music for a nu-school version of Mozart's Cosi fan tute which contains hiphop, rnb and opera elements.

B: Once one of you mentioned that it's not right that producers should make music that is liked by the people, on the contrary, people should like what producers make. Does this hold true on the contemporary dnb scene?

M: That's actually a tough one!
On the one hand i think in drum and bass you gotta like your own music, cause it's just not big enough to make a whole lot of money (and i think in it's looking pretty good for dnb concerning this question at least compared to other genre's). But keep in mind that for example i do a lot of music that i like just for me, that others might not be into and then the question is whether to release it or not. Cause if you put out something for people to buy it, there's no use for that if noone likes it.

B: What's the current status of your label Vision Recordings?

M: Promo's of Vision 002 (A Noisia and Teebee Lost Cause AA Noisia, Mayhem feat. Mc Verse Choke) are available now and the full release is coming out early April (so pretty soon wink.gif) We're currently finishing the next one and after that we might be starting to work on an album, but we'll have to see when that's gonna happen cause we want it to be solid.

B: Is the money you make by making/playing music enough to eat at your favorite restausrants every night? Do you make a living solely by making/playing music?

M: Yes, yes.. tongue.gif haha, but like i said, there's not a lot of money to make in dnb and we're definitely not rich.

B: Is Blockcontrol still your favourite Noisia tune?

M: No, hehe, i don't really have one. All the tunes have got their own story and are signature for a certain period of our lives and production development.

B: What kind of sound will in your opinion own dnb in the next few years?

M: I think there's people listening to all styles of dnb and i think diversity will rule all music scenes in the next few years, especially because it's so easy to keep up with things and see what's going on in the rest of the world through internet and such.

B: How close are you to Noisia's golden era in dnb? Or has it already happened?

M: Right now we've got releases out on almost all big labels that we wanted to get on (Renegade Hardware, Moving Shadow, Ram records, Metalheadz, Subtitles and so on, we've been collaborating with a lot of people that we used to look up to (Teebee, Cause 4 Concern, Bad Company, Black Sun Empire etc, we run our own label and we're playing our music all over the world. I guess that kinda sums up what you would call a golden era.

B: General aspirations in life? Do you see yourself in dnb in the long run?

M: There are a lot of things that can happen between now and the future wink.gif lol But i think this life, being a musician, is not the type of career that you can carefully plan out upfront. We'll just have to see what comes on my path. For example, we've just almost completely produced a pop album for a singer from South Africa called Tasha Baxter. If you'd asked me a year ago i would've never seen that coming.


Enser Noisia (Martijn van Sonderen wink.gif)
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