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 Pirate Station radioshow, 2016-2017 episodes with links, tracklists and some commetns
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post Sep 14 2016, 14:28
Post #1

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

The first and a second episodes of a new season are here! Enjoy some kind of a new stuff!


GVOZD vibes:
1.Crissy Criss & Wide Awake - Light You Up (Machine Made)
2.Cyantific - Under the Neon (Viper)
3.Memtrix - Gloom Body (Sotto Voce)
4.Rockman feat Dvotion - Paradise (Formation)
5.Oder - Make Some Noise (Formation dub)
6.Drumsound and Bassline Smith - Freestyle Mambo VIP (V dub)
7.Virtual Riot ShockOne - Showdown (Ekko Sidetrack Remix) (Disciple)
8.L Plus - Avenger (Technique)
9.MewOne! - Lilium
10.Was A Be - Blind (Shogun Audio)
11.Picota and Kumbh - Hecatombe (Paperfunk)
12.Pythius & State of Mind - Dirty Money (Blackout Music Nl)
13.Misanthrop - Indifferent (Neosignal)
14.The Clamps - This Is Not It (Morganistic remix) (Self-Released)
15.Segment and Concept Vision feat Signal - Barrier (Major League dnb)
16.Hybris - Komputr (Neodigital)
17.Gancher & Ruin - Signal (Mindocracy)
18.Kexit - We Are The Guardians (Respect)
19.Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (Audio Remix) (Self-Released)
20.Barbarix - 8 Bit (Mayan)
21.Impeh - New Wave (demo)
22.Few But Crazy - Understand (Melting Pot)
23.Kai - Awake in the Night (Flexout audio)
24.Nickbee - Moonshine (Invisible)
25.Qbig and Zenith B - Opposite (Flexout audio)
26.Klay - Passive Aggresive (Smoke riddims)
27.Dom & Roland - A Life of Chance (Dom&Roland production)
28.Freed From The Lair - Wait (TechItch)
29.Triple Sickz - Shadow crew (Danger Chamber Digital)

GVOZD vibes:
1.Netsky & Jauz - Higher (The Prototypes Remix)(Sony Music)
2.Traced - Grid Eater (Mayan)
3.Redpill - Bass Taste (Mindtech)
4.Frankee - Clap Your Hands (Ram)
5.Gnome - Guess Whos Back (Multifunction)
6.D Minus - Secret Weapon (Dub Damage)
7.Hoogs - The Comet (Majistrate remix) (High R8 Digital)
8.Ironlung - Bass Scanner (Profound beats)
9.Nu Elementz - Hungry Hippos (Sweet Tooth)
10.Basshoven and Kre - Country Boy (Vibe Central)
11.Simskai - Peace Love and Riots (Simskai remix)(Wobble Infection digital)
12.Dutta & Flexxa feat. Jimmy Wilson - Waved Off The Spirits (Shake Your Bass Audio)
13.Hizzleguy-pure_energy (Biological Beats)
14.Brian Brainstorm - Brooklyn Dub (Liondub International)
15.Dispoze- Like This (Young Guns)
16.Yarevo Unity - Leto (Spirex Remix) (demo)
17.Hittin Switches - Here It Comes (Rockers 175)
18.G Duppy feat Blackout Ja - Love Will Take A Stand (Brian Brainstorm remix) (Raider)
19.Krot & V4Ns - Nigh Light (Live History)
20.Lowriderz & GrindeR - Just Imposible (Kosmos)
21.A Sides - Tokiado Revision (Eastside)
22.Stanton Warriors AC Slater - Dig Deeper (DJ Marky Remix).
23.Satl - You And I Evening Time (DNBB)
24.Ownglow - Angels Sing (Hoispital)
25.Utah Jazz - Love Everlasting (The Vanguard Project remix)
26.Spastik - All For You
27.Rafau Etamski - Lush Dream (Nu Venture)
28.Grinda - You (DNNB)


GVOZD vibes:
1Ownglow feat Blake - The Night Is Still Young (Hospital)
2Dub FX - Road To Babylon (selfrelease, dub)
3Decline & Ignore - Shadows (Formation dub)
4Dawn Wall - Blood Diamond (Integral)
5Rawtekk - Hunter (reloaded)(MethLab)
6Rido - Microwave Radiation (Blackout Music Nl)
7Hexari - The Ritual (Genome)
8Bad District Onebyone - Atria (Evol Intent)
9Machine Code - Skaro (Eatbrain)
10Disphonia - Energy (Red Light)
11Kexit feat. Dizzy Muzzy - Stimfall (Davip remix)(Respect)
12Mob Tactics - Body Check (Viper)
13AMC and Turno - Fever (Titan)
14Enei - Vertigo (Current Value Remix)(Critical)
15Signs - The Pursuit (Kosenprod)
16Hybris - Carousel (NickBee Remix) (Plasma Audio)
17Paranoiac Del - Chip inside me (Respect dub)
18Mat Zo - MAD (Mad Zoo)
19Slang Banger - Rhythm Station( Program)
20TC - Next Hype (Crissy Criss, Malux & Erb N Dub Remix)(Don't Play)
21Aktive - Bounce Wid It (Play Me Too)
22Levela - Ghetto Blaster (selfrelease)
23Dfly- Turn Down The Lights (Shedule One)
24Sammy Porter and Sammy Porter - Look Back (Crissy Criss remix)(Machine Made)
25 Jabba - Get Me Off The Block (IBS)
26Auryan & Gristol Pip - Archon

GVOZD vibes:
1Mr Joseph - Shaking Trees feat Becca Jane Grey(Fizzy Beats dub)
2Utah Jazz - Promised Land (Spearhead)
3Mark Halflite - Everywhere Thoughts (Sheer Velocity)
4Jaybee feat Adrienne Richards - Your Lovin (Innerground)
5Wilkinson feat. Karen Harding - Sweet Lies (Ram)
6Charles Jay Ft Martin Carr - Higher Ground (dub)
7Rameses B feat. Aloma Steele - Darkest Place (Monstercat)
8Document One - Get Da Funk (Technique dub)
9Dizzle Kid - Blazing The Fire (dj Hybrid vip) (Sub-liminal)
10Ed Solo & Deekline - Bad Boys (Benny Page ft Kursiva Remix)(Jungle Cakes)
11Run Tingz Cru feat Blackout Ja&David Boomah - Its A Junglist Ting (Levela remix)
12SMRD - Earthquake
13Dubape - Ai (Mainframe)
14Spaow - Freak Your Body (Down 2 Earth)
15K Motionz - Survive (Digital Terror)
16Tsuki - Samurai (Stickybass)
17Matzet - He Died (Dub Voltage)
18Machine Code - Planet 9 (Eatbrain)
19Ed It - Babylon Step (Shogun audio)
20Teebee - Human Reptile (archive, Subtitles)
21Dom and Roland feat Robert Manos - Sirens Song (Metalheadz)
22Fishy - World Keeps Turning (Liquid Flavors)
23Dawn Wall - I See You (Integral)
24Jazzatron - Vegan In Africa
25Sound Energy - Bios (Stats)
26Fade - Runner (Faded)
27Random Movement - Climbing Out (Cia deep cut)
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post Sep 20 2016, 18:14
Post #2

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Fresh episode of the show is full of guestmixes by those-who-knows stars of the scene dj 007 & Subwave! Also i played some new stuff, so welcome!


DJ 007 guestmix:
01. Noisia - Mantra
02. Teddy Killerz & June Miller - Outer Space
03. Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind - Until The World Ends (Mind Vortex Remix)
04. Pythius & Black Sun Empire - Heresy
05. Phace - So Excited
06. S9 - Warehouse
07. The Upbeats - Joyrider
08. Dose - Let Me Go
09. D-Minus - Secret Weapon
10. L Plus - Avenger
11. Friction feat. Stylo G - Bring It Back
12. Divine Elements - Midnight Express
13. The Prototypes - Rocket Guns Blazin'
14. Ekko & Sidetrack - Hold It Up
15. Gridlok & Hybris - More Darker
16. Cyantific - Hollywood
17. Trei feat. The Upbeats - Shangri-La

GVOZD vibes:
1.Ozma - Said Never (Multifunction dub)
2.MaxNRG - Kill The Snake (Technique dub)
3.Karma & Friction - Active (Shogun audio)
4.Original Sin - Red Mist (Viper)
5.Agressor Bunx - The Curse (Ignescent)
6.ChaseR - Dash (Mindtech)
7.Impak - Handsaw (Neurofunkgrid)
8.Photonicz - Shiva (DivisionBass)
9.The Clamps - Pointless Humanity (bandcamp)
10.Tobax feat. Talabun MC - Stop (Impact Music)
11.Indiekai - Target Acquired ( Wobble Infection digital)
12.Xtm - Time (Future funk)
13.Stoner Ethik - Plaster (Delta9)
14.Philth feat Dubz D - The Sign (Neve remix) (Flexout audio)
15.Hyroglifics - All Talk (Critical)
16.Chimpo ft Trigga and Fox - Ram Dance Man (Exit)

SUBWAVE guestmix:
Integer - Ursa Minor
Ownglow - The Night Is Still Young feat Blake
Schematic - Learn From The Past feat Victor Davies
Hiddenwave - Everything
Against - Blood Shards
Subwave and Bop - ID
Metrik - Nothern Lights
Insect - Waterbombs

GVOZD vibes:
1Kove feat. Folly Rae - Into The Fire (Kvrt)
2.Intraspekt - Clenchtooth (Mayan)
3.Solix - Funny (Young Guns)
4.K Motionz - Twirl (Dubz audio)
5.Hives - Gypsy (Samurai Bass)
6.Lynx - Jungle Side (Detail)
7.Benny Page - They Should A Know (Jungle Cakes)
8.David Boomah Rachael ec Vinyl Junkie - Fade Away (Asbo)
9.Josephs Perception - Never Can Say (Junglist rec)
10.dj STP - Original Skanker (Audio Overload Jungle)
11.Gokulacandra - Shine (Dham Rockaz)
12.Drumagick - Ride (dancefloor gruv mix)(Bmr music)
13.Dave Owen and Calculon and Ben Soundscape feat mc Fava - Through The Night (Celsius)
14.Glxy - Seductress (Spearhead)
15.Zen Dub and The High Breed - Every Time (Sentiens)
16.Liquid Waves - I Dont Know Why (Atmomatix)
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post Sep 27 2016, 19:16
Post #3

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Hot selection of club bangers makes you move for sure, enjoy the fresh episode of Pirate Station radioshow!


GVOZD vibes:
1Metrik - Hi! (Hospital dub)
2Stylo G Jacob Plant - Bike Engine (Loadstar Remix)(Skint)
3Ad-Apt, A.Skillz - Turn It Up (Erbndub Remix) (Jam City)
4Kihmera - No Turning Back (Formation dub)
5Deadmau5 - Strobe (Dimension remix) (Mau5Trap)
6The Prototypes - Transmission (Club Mix)(UKf)
7Oder - Cycles (Formation free)
8Mutated Forms feat. MC Fava - We Need Heroes (Spearhead)
9The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey (Dirtyphonics Remix)(Self release)
10Ozma - Run (Multifunction)
11Memtrix - They Were Shadowless (Sotto Voce)
12Metrik - Destination Earth (Hospital)
13Rido - Microwave Radiaton (Blackout music)
14Fourward - Sequencer (Shogun audio)
15Disprove - Damage (Eatbrain)
16Rido - Solar Walk (Blackout)
17Codex - Horde (Metnem)
18Detest - Awakening (Prspct)
19Beat Assassins ft Miss Stylie - War Dem (Trei Remix)(Mofo)
20Discout - Triborg (dub)
21Cass - Now Get In My Way Bitch(Audio Overload)
22Lowriderz ft mc Smoky Dogg - Smoke The Highgrade(Digital Terror)
23Dubstance - Ufo(Hi Def)
24Taxman - Too Bad (remix)(Playaz)
25Flexxa - Horizon (Digital101)
26Lowriderz and Rawtee - Monsters (Digital Terror)
27mr Quiet and Sym On - Last Chance (Mind Rape corp)
28dj Hybrid - Its Murder (Callide remix) (Audio Addict)
29Chris Kaoz and mc Fearless - Assassin (Hustlin Beats)
30Dj Rap + Eat Glitter & Shine - Lets Go Out (Propa Talent)

GVOZD vibes:
1Sniper FX - id
2Sl8r - Mansion (Grand Theft audio)
3Phonograph - New Horizon (Automate)
4Feline - Bribes (Train)
5DLR, Total Science - On the Edge (Dispatch)
6Culture Shock - Low Frequency (self release)
7Audiomission and Pull Up Collective - Live and Let Live (Deep In The Jungle)
8Chase & Status - All Goes Wrong (Mercury)
9Dom Roland feat. Tom Grennan feat. Hive - DMT (Metalheadz)
10Audeka - Ancestral Call (Methlab)
11Mutated Forms - Around You (Spearhead)
12Unknown Artists - Babylon Pressure (Rasta Vibes)
13Kursiva Karlixx and Mooncat - Man Of The Livin (South Yard)
14Two Mind - Not Stop Killing (dub)
15Need For Mirrors - MIA (V dub)
16Mr Joseph - Tape Bang feat TRAC (Liquid V dub)
17Sun - Roots (Med School dub)
18DJ Skill - L Music (Liquid Brilliants)
19AudioSketch, Surplus Humanature - Day Is Done (Celsius)
20Twintone - Sugar Dynamite (Kubatko)
21Offaiah - Trouble (1991 Remix)(Offaiah)
22Artl - The Vision (Steppin Forward)
23Soul Connection - Why Dont You (Soul Deep exclusives)
24Nummix- Sea Fever (Digital Blu Saphire)
25Lenzman feat. DRS - Grateful (The North Quarter)
26LSB feat. DRS & Tyler Daley - Missing You (Soul:R)
27A Sides - Stay (Eastside)
28Receptor - Magnetism (Med School dub)
29FlashbackFm - Shine (Live History)
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post Oct 5 2016, 00:55
Post #4

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Fresh episode of the show is full of hard beats warmed up by headhoncho of the Hardiology show from Kirov JIN DAGON and my hyperfresh selection! Stay tuned and enjoy!


JIN DAGON guestmix:
1. East Kingdom - As I Close My Eyes
2. Trebor - planetarium
3. Hallucinator_-_Kill Them All
4. The Outside Agency & N-Vitral_-_Sam's Gospel (Original Mix)
5. Triple Sickz - Stomper (Gorebug Remix)
6. detest_-_witch_hunt_(the_outside_agency_remix)
7. Dead Phantoms - The Forced Keeping
8. The 3Eyed_-_Exorcism

GVOZD vibes:
1.Dizkret - Hello (Genome)
2.Mage - Electricity (Disturbed)
3.ErbnDub and Malux - Drummer (vip) (Technique)
4.Misanthrop - Antimachine(Neosignal)
5.L33 - Analogue (Addictive Behavior)
6.Freqax - Sun Will Shine Again (Genome)
7.Tr Tactics - Illuminate (Mainframe)
8.Meth & Raiden - Knock (Deception)
9.Malsum feat mc Shot - Cold Sweat (Algorythm)
10.Current Value - Espace (Cyberfunk)
11.Misanthrop - Malfunction (Neosignal)
12.Void - Flak (Radar)
13.Paranoiac Del - Winter Is So White (Respect dub)
14.The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company UK remix)(Ram)
15.Chaser - Engine (Sinous)
16.Karma & Friction - Active (Shogun Audio)

GVOZD vibes:
1.Harry Shotta Show - Take It to the Floor (Showtime Music)
2.Kitcha- To The Batmobile (Serial Killaz)
3.Myro - Playa (Annix remix) (Disciple)
4.Bullybeatz - Tiger Claw (Ten Ton Beats)
5.K Motionz-radius (Dub Voltage)
6.Monotype and Two Mind - Im John Grizzly (Young Guns)
7.Dossa and Locuzzed - Dance (Viper)
8.High Impact - Curiosity (Shake Your Bass)
9.Tomoyoshi - Yoshimitsu (Styckybass)
10.Damage Report - Cyclopitacil (Iron Fist)
11.Ceph & Lowriderz - Inerplanetary Experiments (Calypso)
12.Lynx Kemo Hellrazor - The Beast (Detail)
13.Break & Kyo - Give In to Me (Symmetry)
14.Chrizz0r and Northern Zone - Scapes(Soul Deep)
15.Spectrasoul - Stock Sound (Ish Chat music)
16.Dawn Raid Make Me Move (Mac2 digital)
17.Ricky Force Tamen - Plastic Mentality (Repertoire)
18.Kumarachi- 4am Are You (Audio Addict)
19.Dgohn - Ralph(Love Love)
20.Akhash ft Monty- Head rip (Flexout)
21.Rippers - Avo (dub)
22.FlashbackFm - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (Liquid Brilliants)
23.Thiago Pery & Greekboy - Virtual Life (Smooth N Groove)
24.Fred Vand Grafix - Constellations ( Forza Horizon 3 vip)(Hospital)
25.Funkware - Go(Funkstuff)
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post Oct 18 2016, 21:39
Post #5

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

11102016 fresh vibes in the mix:


GVOZD vibes:
1.Feint feat Koven - Take It In (Liquicity dub)
2.Matrix and Futurebound feat. Max Marshall - Fire (Viper)
3.T Sugah feat. ZaZu - Lost On My Own (Liquicity)
4.Emeli Sande - Hurts (Dimension Remix) (Virgin)
5.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Catch Me Here (VIP Mix) (Technique)
6.Rockwell - Hoez To The Floor (Shogun Audio)
7.Sweet n Sikka - Tick Tock (Formation dub)
8.Toronto Is Broken & Anodyne Industries - The Antidote(SubSlayers dub)
9.1991 - Jungle Cats (Mta)
10.Maxim - Respect (Death Drum Rebel dub)
11.Fatloaf - Get Down (You So Fat dub)
12.EJ - Take Control Of Me (Teddy Killerz Remix)(free)
13.20Hz Audio - Rush (Warp Fa2e Remix) (You So Fat)
14.Rawtekk - Rollercase (Methlab)
15.Rene LaVice - Richter Scale [D B Mix](Ram)
16.NickBee - Airkiss (Tobax Remix) (Kill Tomorrow dub)
17.Critical impact & Djss feat mc Biggie - This Is For The Streets (Formation dub)
18.Dist Hard - Punishment (Audio Boutique)
19.Bass Shock - Frag (Twisted Beatz audio)
20.Jedi - Skeet Skeet (Audio Overload)
21.Voltage - Goblin (Low Down Deep)
22.Damage Report - Just A Sample (Spectre audio)
23.Too Greezey - Be Mine (Sub liminal)
24.Dist Hard - Beast (Audio Boutique)
25.Greazus - Gleaming The Cube (Different)

GVOZD vibes:
1.Cadenza feat. Jorja Smith Dre Island - People (DJ Zinc Remix)(Columbia)
2.Digital - Luv Dub (Dread)
3.Chopstick Dubplate ft Daddy Freddy - BadBoy Patrol(Serial Killaz remix)(Chopstick Dubplate)
4.Saxxon - High Tide (Gerra and Stone remix)(Soul Trader)
5.NC-17, KC - The Beyond (Grindhou5E)
6.Alix Perez Zero T - Enemy Of Reason(Dispatch)
7.Sniper FX - Anthropophobia (Black System)
8.Dom and Roland - Through The Rays(Metalheadz)
9.Tekel - The Veil (Subtitles)
10.Frederic Robinson feat Lily Juniper - Breathing (Med School dub)
11.M Justa - Insider (Avantguarde)
12.Shwarz - Sinister (dub)
13.Shintuza - Hollow(Mindocracy)
14.Levrige - The Legend (Hospital dub)
15.Eastcolors & Tiiu - Naked Skin (Demand dub)
16.LiamJ, Hidden Wave Rolfey - Windy Day(free tune)
17.Poschek - The Only One (Nothing But)
18.Command Strange - Want You Back (Fokuz)
19.Imba Leah Costello - Perseverance (Soulvent)
20.Donkai Kong - Endless Summer (Such music)
21.Twintone - Cave Paintings (Soul Deep Digital)
22.Theoretical - Canyon(Live History)


New episode of Pirate station meets a legend dj on drum and bass scene SHAHASH with a wicked jungle selection! The rest of the show was a loud too with a wide range of some new dnb stuff


dj SHAHASH guestmix:
1. Moi Ciplyatya / Dj shahash remix
2. Barcode / New Dance
3. Dj SS / The Lighter remix
4. Bonafide/ Super Bad
5. Dope Skillz / 6 Million remix
6. Natural Born Chillers / Rock the funky beat
7. Origin Unknown / Valley of the shadow
8. Dj Pascal / computerized cops
9. Roni Size & Dj Die / it's a jazz thing / Utah Jazz remix
10. Adam F / Circles
11. LTJ Bukem / Music
12. Potential Bad Boy
13. Dillinja
14. Marvellous Cain / Hitman
15. Godbay America / Dj shahash remix

GVOZD vibes:
1.Mythz - Light Years (The Bughouse)
2.Subwave & The Dual Personality - Full Control (Liquicity)
3.Quintino x Cheat Codes - Can't Fight It (Alexx Rave Remix)
4.F**kDaKz - I Am F**kdakz (Wild Speed)
5.Divine Elements - Street Smarts (Play me)
6.Wickaman - Genghis (The Bughouse)
7.Example - Later (North Base Remix)(Sony Music)
8.Urbandawn - Ok (Hospital dub)
9.Signal Agressor Bunx - Isolation Cell (Critical)
10.Sniper FX - Dancing Cobra (Black System)
11.Hectix - Red Planet(Heavy Artillery dub)
12.Signs - Quantum (Zombie Cats Remix)(Vandal)
13.Paranoiac Del - Pomehi (Respect dub)
14.Urbandawn - Gothenburg Cluster (Hospital dub)
15.DLR - Staring At The Ceiling (free)
16.Infamous & Qkhack - Radio Impulses (Big Riddim)
17.Data 3 - Clockwork (Grand Theft Audio)
18.Cynical Gene - Marching Forward (Physmatics)
19.Noh Vae - Woyo (Terra Null)
20.Mvrk - Shadow Walking(Proximity)
21.RomaRADO - Throne (dub)
22.Vytol - Trouble In The Streets(Ruffneck Sound)
23.Notion - System Of Mind (Iridescent)
24.Mean Teeth - Leviathan (Santoku)
25.Jedi - Spirit Of Kings(Dumbstop2bass)
26.Hoogs - Drop Off (Subway Soundz)
27.Leaf - Spooks (Kartoonz)
28.Rms - Love Bug(Deep In the Jungle)
29.Dazee - Bring It Down (Ruffneck Ting)
30.Raz - Bumba Apache (Murky)
31.Ketonen - Afternoon Tune (Maxin and Pulsate remix)(Liquicity)
32.Fourward - Over(Shogun audio)
33.DJ Ink & Gremlinz - The Light(Tempo)
34.Thomas B & Ghast - Oversleeper(Free Love Digi)
35.Mayforms- Go On (Promo audio)
36.Msdos - Royal House (Sheer Velocity)
37.The Vanguard Project - Senseless Love (Fokuz)
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post Oct 25 2016, 23:01
Post #6

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Fresh episode is full of energy and active-positive mood by the range of some new stuff and wellknown tunes of the main guests of the Circus festival by Pirate Station! Check, enjoy!


GVOZD vibes:
1.Urbandawn feat Inja - Ground Zero (Hospital dub)
2.Tyke feat. Yisrael - Dream Catcher (Playaz)
3.Original Sin - Expansions (Viper)
4.Loadstar - Encarta(Ram)
5.Tzone - Last Stand (Muzic Hertz)
6.BMotion - Eutopia(Viper)
7.1000dayswasted feat Coppa - The Sickness (Night45UK)
8.Teddy Killerz - Tiger (free)
9.Looh - Kislota (Position Chrome)
10.Fourward - Belly of the Beast (Shogun audio)
11.Fourward feat. Jakes - Bite the Dust (Shogun audio)
12.Agressor Bunx - Call Me Back (Blackout)
13.Optiv and Cza - Journey Inwards (Impak remix)(C4C)
14.NickBee ft Syze - Nowhere To Run (EatBrain)
15.Rockwell - Chorus of Disapproval (Shogun audio)
16.Urbandawn - Power Scheme (Hospital dub)
17.D-Sabber & Musicestetik- no title (demo)
18.Proxima - Loose Lights (Hospital)
19.Total Recall - Planet Earth (Full Cycle)
20.Metal Work - The Pool (Wobble Inflection digital)
21.Tyke - Blessing (feat. Daddy Earl)(Playaz)
22.Lyptikal - Mean Killers (Eazy remix)(Eternal music)
23.Basstripper - Trusted (Bulletproof)
24.Konst!nkai - Oasis(dub)
25.Paul SG feat TRAC - This Is Me (Jazzsticks)

GVOZD tribute to ps circus:
1.Pendulum - Vault
2.Pendulum - Another Planet
3.Pendulum - Slam
4.Pythius feat. Kryptomedic - Driveyard
5.Pythius & State of Mind - Dirty Money
6.Telekinesis feat Coppa - Fight Club (Pythius remix)
7.Pythius & Black Sun Empire - Heresy
8.Pythius - Bbt (Current Value remix)
9.Dusky - Ingrid Is A Hybrid (John B Remix)
10.John B - The Colossus
11.John B - Evolve
12.John B - Rendez Vous
13.Culture Shock - Ohrwurm
14.Culture Shock - Troglodyte
15.Culture Shock Feat. Bryn Christopher - City Lights
16.Culture Shock - Rush Connection
17.Culture Shock - Tangents
18.Counterstrike - The Signal
19.Rido & Counterstrike - Let It Roll
20.Teddy Killerz & Counterstrike - Horror Story
21.Counterstrike Ft. Coppa - Volcanic
22.Paperclip - Jupiter in Danger
23.Paperclip - Metane Prick
24.Paperclip - Dead Space
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post Nov 2 2016, 00:57
Post #7

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

New episode of Pirate Station was loaded with relevant, mainly dancefloor friendly, dnb sound of these days!


GVOZD vibes:
1.Shapeshifter - Stars (Hospital dub)
2.Feint feat Laura Brehm - Words (Monstercat)
3.Colour The Sky - Dealers (Talon remix) (Nu Venture)
4.Sub Focus - Nobody Knows (Virgin)
5.Paranoiac Del - Simple Like a Dry Water (Respect)
6.DC Breaks - Arcade (Ram)
7.Placenta - Black Sun (Gydra Remix) (Bbz)
8.Ferception - Mainspring (dub)
9.Dope Ammo & Tali - Cold Rock A Party (Dossa & Locuzzed Remix) (Dope Ammo)
10.GrindeR - Rock ON (dub)
11.Hamilton - Another Dimension (Ram)
12.Glitch City - Black Hole Skank (Get Hype)
13.Ekko & Sidetrack - One Time (Viper)
14.SHDWS - Blair Witch (Vocal Mix)(Liondub International)
15.D Code - Popshow (Multifunction)
16.Desire - Think First (Dub Voltage)
17.Aaronic - Pitch Black (Mainframe)
18.Trend R - Iron Steel (Audio Overload)
19.High Impact - Curiosity (Stickybass)
20.Redpill - Breath Fire (Kosenproductions)
21.The Qemists feat. Hacktivist - Jungle (FiXT, bandcamp)
22.Shapeshifter - Fake Charmer (Hospital dub)
23.Break - Who Got da Funk (Symmetry)
24.Urbandawn - Babylon Prepare (Hospital)
25.Prolix - Danger (Shogun Audio)
26.AKOV feat. YDott - Twisted (Mindtech Ltd)
27.Topi - Active(Invisible)
28.Break - Ain't No Turnin' Back (Symmetry)
29.Crtcl Swtch - Warfare
30.Bible Jones - Cockroaches (Sliced Note)
31.Exit4 - Immelstorn (dub)
32.Oyaebu - Forever Alone (dub)
33.Benny L Shimon - Monsters (Audioporn)
34.Fierce and Zero T - Always Something(Quarantine)
35.Fade - Waterfall (Flexout)
36.Vinyl Fixx - Good Body Gal (LW)
37.Stimpy - Rock Dust (Mnmn)
38.Josephs Perception - Little Soundboy (Reformed)
39.6.9Hz - Tarantula (Daddy Tank)
40.Audiomission and Serial Killaz - You Know (Killa dubz)
41.David Louis - Fahrenheit (Repertoire)
42.Vecster Feat. Romy Harmony - Undying Grace (dub)
43.Radicall - Crystal (Procedure)
44.Cycle - Could It Be Love (Funkstuff)
45.Rippers ft. D3Z - Nostalgia (dub)
46.Kumarachi and Kat Kyrris - Under My Skin (Audio Addict)
47.LSB feat. Dain Stuart - Capture My Heart (Soul:r)
48.Paul Sg - Petersberg (Jazzsticks)
49.Nummix - Radiance (dub)
50.Stereogatбri - Last Night (Respect dub)
51.Xanadu - Save Yourself (Dom & Roland Productions)
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post Nov 17 2016, 00:39
Post #8

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Listen, feel and enjoy ! Fresh episode of Pirate Station brings you the Life!)


GVOZD vibes:
1June Miller - Let It Roll Opening Ceremony (Ram)
2Prolix vs. Drumsound Bassline Smith - Planet Smasher (Shogun audio)
3Mefjus & Emperor - Sanity Check (Critical)
4Mefjus & Emperor - Flashizm (Critical)
5InsideInfo - Revolution (feat. Miss Trouble)(Viper)
6Matrix & Futurebound - Fire (Killer Hertz Remix).
7Telekinesis - Mass Surveillance (Blackout Music Nl)
8Bl4ck Owlz - Bot Factory (Eat Brain)
9Kela - Early Death (Delta9)
10Submarine - Nitro (Wintermute remix) (Boundless Beatz)
11Alex Centra - Roguebot (Inspected)
12Glass Cobra - Delusion (Titan)
13Current Value - Plunger Coil(Othercide)
14Black Opps - Magic Trick (Nu Venture)
15DLR - Pyoyb (Dispatch)
16Coppa World - Fly Away (Chris Su remix)(Comanche)
17Survival - Trespass (Dispatch)
18ATYK - Bloodline (VIP)(Skankandbass)
19Synthakt & Counterstrike - I Believe(Algorythm)
20Gourski & Farewell - Yah! (Bass-Cologne)
21melinki and Verva - Jumanji (Serotone)
22Whiney - On The Rocks (MedSchool dub)
23Tantrum Desire ft Coppa - Repeat (Document One remix)(Technique)
24Bass Shock - Impulse (Styckybass)
25Heist - Through The Gate (Low Down Deep)
26Simskai and Operate - Trappin (Spectre audio)
27Dub Berzerka - Dead But Nice (Dub Voltage)
28Fretman - Half Blood (Shake Your Bass)
29Dethwish and Captain Bass - Ancient Civilizations (Dubstomp 2 bass)
30Ironlung and Dangerous - Enemy (N.W.S)
31Guzi - Pull Up (Young Guns)
32Dirtyloud - Fly Away (Aktive Remix) (Play Me)
33Camo Krooked - Ember (Hospital)
34Serum - Blood Red (31)
35Ed Solo ft mc Spyda - Soundsystem Entertainer (Jungle Cakes)
36Isaac Maya feat Daddy Freddy - Move Your Body (Lowfreqmx)
37Survey - Rush To Judgement (DSCI4)
38dj Lab - Give A Little Love (Jigsore)
39Jasmine Knight - Big Phat Bass (Rob Soundline Fazzy Bass remix)(Ten Ton Beats)
40Dutta - Sweet Dreams (Bass Legion)
41WHTKD - Say To Me (Kove Remix)
42Dan Dakota - See Me Through (VIP Mix) (Supreme Hustle)
43Thiago Pery - Botanical(Soul Deep Digital)
44Silence Groove - Only You (Silence Groove Remix)(Soul Deep)
45Marvel Cinema - Montreux Jazz (Liquid Drops)
46Subwave & The Dual Perconality - Falling (Galacy)
47Mitekiss - Final Hours(Shogun Ltd)
48Joakuim - Tranquille (Flight Pattern)
49Serum Paul T & Edward Oberon - Take My Breath Away (V dub)
50Raw Q - Invisible Man (Intrigue Music)
51Dub Phizix - Beatroot (Fabric Worldwide)
52Hybris - Extraction(Invisible)
53Microfunk Crew ft Robert Manos - December (Microfunk)
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post Nov 23 2016, 23:55
Post #9

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Welcome to the 793rd episode of the show! Feel the special oldskool vinyl guestmix by dj SPARKS and my selection of some "new in" stuff!


DJ SPARKS guest mix
01. Adam F - Lighter Style
02. Roni Size And Dj Die - Music Box
03. Elements Of Noise - Other Side Of The Town
04. Ganja Crew - Computerised Cops (Pascal Remix)
05. Elizabeth Troy - Let Me Be
06. Dj Nut Nut - Special Dedication
07. Dj Dextrous - Hot Flame
08. Tom And Jerry - All Of My
09. N.A - D.N.A
10. Ma2 - Hearing Is Believing
11. Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh!
12. Shimon And Andy C - Quest
13. Dj Dextrous - Funky Vibe
14. Shimon And Andy C - Night Flight
15. Adam F - Music In My Mind

GVOZD vibes:
1. Whiney - Moondance (Med School)
2. iClown & Avenger feat. Maria Soysa - Love And a Freak Condition (Heavy Artillery)
3. Cuebrick APEK feat. Linney - Safe (Six Blade Remix) (Enhanced)
4. North Base - Planet X (Nemesis Digital)
5. Flowidus - 600 Pound Twinkie (Program)
6. Tankee - Radar (Wild Speed)
7. Subtension - I Know (C4C)
8. Zombie Cats and Safra - Portal (Major League dnb)
9. QO & Computerartist - Funktion (Hoofbeats Music)
10. MAMF - Fill Your Life (Samurai Bass audio)
11. Des McMahon - Cloak and Dagger (Human Imprint)
12. Fortitude - Andromeda Strange (Mindocracy)
13. Deuce and Charger - The Spirit Guide (Symphonic Distribution)
14. Sick Run - Chaos (Storno Beatz)
15. K Jah - Jungle Technology (Hocus Pokus)
16. Dimension - UK (MTA)
17. DJ Hybrid - Murder Soundboy (Benny L Remix)(Sub-Liminal)
18. Samurai Breaks - My Sound (Halogen music)
19. Chimpo - War Tanker (Critical)
20. Ruby My Dear Ft. MC Noia - Katchoo (Prspct)
21. R3dx feat. mc Endo - Time For This (Stickybass)
22. Jedi-Ride It (Dumbstomp 2 Bass)
23. Jedi-Criminals (Audio Overload)
24. Majistrate And Turno-Mutton (Playaz)
25. D Nasty-Project 99 (Rw Digital)
26. Jack The Ripper And Mc Kolapse-Rampage (Shiftin Beatz)
27. Vengeance - Prophecy (Hustlin Beats)
28. Silence Groove - Only You (Silence Groove Remix)(Fokuz)
29. Maverick Soul-Lovespace (Emcee)
30. Furney - Harlem Nights (Sheer Velocity)
31. Samuel Riiser And Jenna G - Red Velvet (Rowpieces Remix) (Vibration)
32. Twintone - Tree House Retreat (Soul Bros)
33. Serum Paul T & Edward Oberon - Take My Breath Away(V Dub)
34. Spective - Close To You (Soul Deep Exclusives)
35. Disturbia - Duke's Dream (Pullmeup)
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post Nov 29 2016, 18:40
Post #10

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Check and enjoy the new extrafresh episode of Pirate Station!


GVOZD vibez:
1.Aruna & Rameses B feat. KINGDOMS - Ready To Go (Monstercat)
2.Dillon Francis - Anywhere (Fred V and Grafix remix) (Columbia)
3.Indivision - Duke Dislikes Disco (dub)
4.Shapeshifter - Eternal (Hospital dub)
5.Myro - Talk To Me (Tommy Boy Remix)(Disciple)
6.o2h Traffic - Traffic (Hectix remix) (dub)
7.Killer Hertz - Prometheus (Viper)
8.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Shutdown (Technique dub)
9.BSA - Clubwalker (PRSPCT)
10.Zombie Cats - Alive (Eatbrain)
11.Annix & Teddy Killerz - Jungle Consumes Everything(Playaz)
12.Kodin - Get Yourz (Bad Taste dub)
13.Proxima - Derpstep (Neodigital)
14.Bowsar - Enhancement (vip) (Druid)
15.Glitch & Pish Posh - Before Adam (Flex dub)
16.Kronology - Mantra (Technique dub)
17.Milli Major feat. Scrufizzer & Flirta D - Remember Me (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)(Viper)
18.DJ Rap - Set It Off (Propa Talent dub)
19.Tobax feat. LifeSize MC - Golem (Kill Tomorrow)
20.Disprove and Tobax - Wildcat (Terminal)
21.Dyamorph - Permanent Panic (You So Fat dub)
22.Andy Pain & Segment - Magnetic Storm (Demand dub)
23.Space Journey - Arcturi (Flex dub)
24.Exit4 - Sad (dub)
25.Spexion - Threshold (Formation dub)
26.DLR feat Gusto - Dreamland (Dispatch)
27.Drum Teddy- Fight Teddy (Breaking audio)
28.Bou - Gullible (8Bawlaz)
29.Dist HarD - Martyr (dub)
30.Beat Assassins - To The Top (Mofo dub)
31.Krusty - Wobbs (Shake Your Bass)
32.Simskai and Flexxa - Take Turns (Walking Dead)
33.JumpForce - Signal (dub)
34.Kenji - Born In It (Wobble Infection Digital)
35.Rumble Ft Suku - Siren (Club Mix) (Liondub Internatioinal dub)
36.Lynx - 15th Time Lucky (Detail)
37.Resound - Aeon (dub)
38.Hydro & War - Faux Amis (Methlab)
39.Amit - Thick Lip (Amar)
40.Abstract Elements - Ukzur (Neodigital)
41.BC UK - Nomad (Ram)
42.M-Set - Fight For Your Lives (Automate)
43.Silent Storm - 2 Deep (Digital Roots)
44.Sinistarr - I Am Not Invincible (Silent Dust Remix) (None60)
45.R-Flyer - Exploration Of Space (FutureFusion remix) (Liquid Brilliants)
46.Rowpieces - After the Break Up feat Elliot Chapman(Liquid V dub)
47.Satl feat. Command Strange - Turn Me On (Fokuz)
48.The Vanguard Project - FLLN 4 U (Spearhead)
49.Command Strange - Never Too Much (Chronic dub)
50.Rahmanee - Funky Train (Slayer dub)
51.Friction - All Nite (Elevate audio)
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post Dec 6 2016, 15:01
Post #11

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

This hot episode is full of vibes by ONEBYONE guest mix and as always warmed up by my selection of different wicked new stuff! Enjoy)


ONEBYONE guestmix:
01.Matrix Futurebound - Fire (ft. Max Marshall)
02.Sub Focus - Nobody Knows
03.Kove–Bring Me Life (ft. Jonny Fears)
04.Muzzy - Play (ft. UKID)
05.oneBYone - Me & You (VIP)
06.Netsky - Higher (The Prototypes Remix)
07.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - I'm Gone (ft. Bully)
08.oneBYone & Gydra - ID
09.Memtrix - Black Moon
10.oneBYone & Ridley Dynamics - Lost
11.oneBYone - Tsunami (ft. Karina Kanatova)
12.oneBYone - Lucky Star
13.Kaskade & CID - Us (Delta Heavy Remix)
14.Telekinesis - NWO
15.Sever - BFG
16.oneBYone & Mewone - ID
17.Camo & Krooked - Ember

GVOZD vibes:
1.Emeli Sande - Breathing Underwater ( Matrix & Futurebound remix)(Virgin)
2.Tong8 - I'm Gonna Feel (dub)
3.Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Urbandawn Remix)(Enhanced Progressive)
4.Culture Shock feat Raphaella Mazaheri Asadi - Have It All (Ram)
5.Futuristik feat. Charlotte Haining - Feeling This Way (Liquicity)
6.NCT feat. Raign - Give In (Viper)
7.Levela - Rebellion (Multi Function)
8.Delta Heavy - Bar Fight (Ram)
9.Tantrum Desire - Pump (Drumsound Bassline Smith Remix)(Technique)
10.Dist HarD - Rockstar (dub)
11.Monty - Far Side (Red Light)
12.Chris Su - Complexity (Eat Brain)
13.ChaseR - Cold Embrace (Ignescent)
14.Blaine Stranger feat. Coppa - Rock With It (Viper)
15.Prolix Misanthrop - Transcendent (Audio Remix)(Trendkill)
16.Audio - Make It Happen (Ram)
17.Coppa - Overcome (Neurofunkgrid)
17.Nymfo - Stop Motion (Computer Integrated Audio)
18.Future Shock - Telepathy (Physmatics)
19.Hybris - Bottle Collector (Invisible)
20.MJ Cole & AJ Tracey - The Rumble (DJ Hype & Annix Remix)(892)
22Jack The Ripper - The Coolest (Bulletproof)
23Danger and Enta - Life and Death (Spectre audio)
24Turno - Get Back (Sweet Tooth)
25Jedi - Mangina (NWS)
26Lowriderz - You Can Wait To Die (Switch)
27Silent Storm - Ride Or Die (Iron Fist)
28Dutta and Krimma - Dizzy (Stickybass)
29Kantyze - Get Over Here (Concussion)
30Brain - You Got Me Crazy (Luv Disaster)
31Feelth & Display Two - Chrimson Thurst (dub)
32Eastcolors feat. Tiiu - Naked Skin (Demand)
33Fixate - Rickety Cricket (20/20 Ldn)
34Machinedrum feat. Kevin Hussein - Dos Puertas (Alix Perez Remix)(Ninja Tune)
35Monty - A Flash of Luck (Plasma Audio)
36Homemade Weapons - Hawkeye(Samurai)
37JKenzo - Sykura (31)
38Onemind feat. Ulterior Motive - Early Evolution (Metalheadz)
39Ulterior Motive feat. Meyhem Lauren, Brotherman - Chapters (Icicle Remix)
40Sds - Theres Something Wrong Inside (Lightless)
41Voyage - Extraterestrial (Tech Itch)
42R128 - Pin Code
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post Dec 13 2016, 16:37
Post #12

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

This warm episode is full of soulful vibes by XORGEN and the showcase of his Live History label alongside my 2 mixes, firts of which is dedicated to the best of the best on this years DNB Arena Awards and the second is a new stuff gallore, so welcome to the show;)


XORGEN guestmix:
1. Western Sea - Guitar Flow [Live History]
2. Nelver - Flash Royal [Live History]
3. Theoretical - Canyon [Live History]
4. Nu4m & Kije - Looking At Ghost [Live History]
5. Xorgen & Sander Lite – Gagarin [Live History]
6. Green Vibes - Tonight [Live History]
7. Readsense & Alterscale - That`s Why [Live History]
8. Nucaio - Moon [Live History]
9. Qpad - Stand By [Live History]
10. Cnof - Early Morning [Live History]
11. Green Vibes - Take Me Out [Live History]
12. FlashbackFm - Never Fall Again [Live History]
13. Krot & V4Ns - Night Light [Live History]
14. Sander Lite - Voices Of Shamanism [Live History]
15. Nu4m & Kije - Close Your Eyes [Live History]
16. FlashbackFm & Rizla - Be Alone [Live History]

GVOZD vibes:
1Children of Zeus feat. DRS - Still Standing (Lenzman Remix) (Best remix)
2Lenzman feat. DRS - Grateful (Best vocalist)
3Fred V & Grafix feat Franko Fraize and Tone - Together We're Lost (Best label)
4Urbandawn - Ok (Best label, Hospital)
5Lynx feat DRS vs Kemo - 2nd Floor (Best MC)
6Break & Kyo - Give In to Me (Choise of critics)
7Break - Who Got da Funk (Critics choise)
8Signal Segment and Concept Vision - Medium (Best newcomer)
9Signal - Parallax (Best newcomer)
10Mefjus - Suicide Bassline VIP (Best track)
11Noisia - Get Deaded (Best LP, Best producer)
12Noisia - Mantra (Best video)
13June Miller - Let It Roll Opening Ceremony(Best festival and Fabric - best party)
14Broken Note - Rust in Peace (Best new label)
15Audeka & Bell's Worth - Dark Matter Lunchbox(Metjhlab, Best new label)
16Randall - Broken Plate (Will Miles remix)(Hall Of Glory)
17Andy C - New Era VIP (as always Best dj)

GVOZD vibes:
1Sound In Noise - Can't Take It (Ram)
2Teddy Killerz - Unbelievable (Ram)
3Cod3x & Micron - Laser (Bad Taste dub)
4Current Value & Signal - Stealth Ops (Critical)
5DLR, Ant TC1 - The Grip (DLR's Tripping VIP)(Dispatch)
6BCee - Morning Star (Break Remix) (Spearhead)
7Sweet n Sikka - Rebuke (Formation dub)
81991 - Dim Sum (Mta)
9Cyantific - Back Off (Viper)
10D-Sabber - Smash (Respect dub)
11Nero - Guilt (Ozma bootleg)
12Prestige - Stressed Out (Serial Killaz dub)
12aPrestige - Insane People (Serial Killaz dub)
13Tomoyoshi - Bassline Road (Shake Your Bass)
14Isaac Maya ft Skarra Mucci & Kojo Neatness - Jungle Be Good To Me (Dangerous remix)
15Serial Killaz - Jungle Came First (StreetLife dub)
16dj Cautious - Hide and Seek (Deep In A Jungle)
17Dj SS ft Victor - Spiritually Connected (Formation dub)
18Benny V & Dfrnt Lvls ft Entice MC - Skank Pit (Formation dub)
19Hybrid Minds ft. Alexa Harley - Phoenix (The Vanguard Project Remix)(Hybrid Music)
20Surreal - Murder This Murder That (Liquid Brilliants)
21Raw Q feat TRAC - Style (Liquid V)
22Paul SG feat TRAC and LaMeduza - Let Me Show You (Liquid V)
23Carter - Life Is A Spiritual Thing (Digital Blus)
24Villem, Phase feat. Steo - Thru My Soul (Metalheadz)
25LAOS - Broken Promises (Midnight Sun)
26Om Unit - Adventures in Eden (Cosmic Bridge)
27Kogenman - Jungle Run( free, Respect promo)
28Resound - Pagan (dub)
29Stereogatari feat. RainJa - When Our Life Seems To Be Grey (Respect promo)
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post Dec 29 2016, 23:02
Post #13

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Last on airs of Pirate Station here!
Thanks to all of you for your support!


GVOZD vibez:
1.Wilkinson - Brand New (Ram)
2.Tantrum Desire - Genesis (Friction Remix) (Technique)
3.Oder - Ancients (Formation dub)
4.Phear Phace - Feel Good (Heavy Artillery)
5.Blast - Outbreak (Yellow Stripe)
6.Dion Timmer - Panic (Grinder Bootleg)
7.Memtrix- Ic Yr Pain (Sotto Voce)
8.DC Breaks Prolix - Embargo (Ram)
9. Agressor Bunx - The Spirit (Trendkill)
10. Warp Fa2E feat. Mc Kryptomedic - Bulletdodger (Close2Death)
11. Trilo - Exit Ticket (Bad Taste dub)
12. Nickbee & The Clamps - World Torn (Kosenprod)
13. Nc-17, Fade Emery - Night Of The Zombies (Mainframe)
14. Redpill - Bacteria (Mindtech)
15. Maltes - Monster Party (dub)
16. Subtension - Run For Rum (Critical)
17. Data 3 - When Dawn Breaks (Subtitles)
18. Synergy Sound - Ampere (Adapted)
19. Arkasia - Underground Ginats (Symphonic Distribution)
20. Fire Syne - New Tokyo (Hocus Pocus)
21. Dub Phizix - Rotate (Metalheadz)
22. Kirill Pavlov - Vena prod. by Cybernetick (dub)
23. Alex Rivz - Takeoff (Lion (SLK) Special Remix) (SLK Dub)
24. Alexx Rave - I Remember Everything (dub)
25. Martsman - Capital-K (Pinecone Moonshine)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Ozma &Lowriderz - Smoked Style (dub)
2.L Plus - Creature Must Die! (Technique)
3.Critycal Dub - Desert Island (Liquid Drops)
4.Raz-Live and Direct (Smokin riddims)
5.Krafty Kuts, Dynamite ft Harry Shotta, Example - War Is Over (Erb N Dub Rmi)(Central Station)
6.Bully Beatz - Sob Story (Ten Ton Beats)
7.Phantom Warrior & Soultrain - Raver (Liondub dub)
8.Ed West & Inja - Jungle Every Day (Born Free dub)
9.Bass Shock feat. Basstripper - Cucumber (Mind Rape Corp)
10.Jaydan - Fluff Catcher (Low Down Deep)
11.Substainless - Mash Up De Place(Shake Your bass)
12.D-Sabber - Bounce (Respect dub)
13.Moleman - Put The Fires Out Ft Pipistrelle (Fat Tape dub)
14.Drumliar - Try It (dub)
15.Fox Stevenson & Curbi - Hoohah (VIP Edit)(Spinnin)
16.Replica - Julyours Faith home (dub)
17.Command Strange - Zero Sugar (Liquid V dub)
18.Blu Mar Ten - Rollcage (Blu Mar Ten)
19.Bop x Urbandawn - Red Line (Hospital)
20.London Elektricity x Danny Byrd - Snakes + Ladders (Hospital)
21.Flowrian - Common Scrambling Algorythm (Jazzsticks)
22.Artificial Intelligence - Dreams of Freedom (Integral)
23.Ak-Hash - Stoner (Enrichment)
24.Kogenman - TV Connection (Respect free, promo)
25.Thing - The Land Before Time (Dub Thing)


GVOZD vibes:
1.Chee - Futile Condition (Algorythm)
2.Matiflow - Tin Foil (Serotone)
3.Gydra - Indoor Space (Blackout)
4.Donny - The Resistance vip (Crash Pang Wallop)
5.Gradual - Penguins (Technique)
6.Optiv and CZA - Pitch Funk( C4C)
7.BTK & Nymfo - Dont Stop (Dutty Audio)
8.Ephyum - Foresight (Sinuous)
9.Levela - The Juggler (Multifunction)
10.Sub Killaz - Words (Premium remix) (Spectre audio)
11.Tsuki - 35mm (Bass Legion)
12.Top Dolla - Project Looking Glass (Re-Wired Beatz)
13.D'N'D & Drop Database - Czech Mate (Mutated Resonance)
14.TI - Regulate (Natty Dub)
15.Gnome - I Like U (Multifunction)
16.Dub Justice - Raven (Eternal Muzic)
17.Magness - Junglist (Stickybass)
18.Manta - Otherside (Fragments)
19.Nami, Black Barrel - Eternity (Addictive Behavior)
20.The Upbeats feat Agressor Bunx - Cauldron (Vision)
21.Version - Hidden (CoLab)
22.Darpa - Epidemic (Mainframe)
23.Stunnah - Fantasie (Neonlight Remix)
24.Current Value - Time Rubber (Methlab)
25.Fidrovav - Faollow
26.Nightfang & D Bro - This World Is Mad (Rw digital)
27.Instinkt - Hot Spot (Lifestyle)
28.Total Science & Digital& Spirit - Falldown (CIA vs Phantom Digital)
29.The Nextmen feat. Nu-Logic & Kiko Bun - The Corner (Play Nice)
30.Marvellous Cain feat Cutty Ranks - The Hitman (dj Hybrid remix)(Riqyardrock)
31.dj Stp and Miss Tantrum - All I Ever Wanted (Audio Overload)
32.Punky Donch - Balang Beng [Mystic Pulse Remix](Jungle Cakes)
33.Tremah ft. Inazone - Finalyz (selfrelease)
34.Foreign Concept - The Volks VIP (selfrelease)

GVOZD vibes:
1.LVTHER feat. MYZICA - Some Kind Of Magic (Monstercat)
2.Klingande feat M -22 - Somewhere New (SPY remix)
3.Muffler - Wauwau (Unique)
4.Elk Road feat. Natalie Foster - Hanging By a Thread (Flowidus Remix) (Deer Lane)
5.Magnetude - Hyperdrive (Lifted)
6.Jonas Blue and Raye - By Your Side (DC Breaks remix) (Virgin EMI)
7.Wresker and Kilobite - Orbital (Delta9)
8.Aktive - Let It Off (Play Me Too)
9.nFunk - Pharaoh Of Death (Abducted Ltd)
10.Signal - Indirect (Lockjaw Remix)(Lifestyle)
11.Poor In Spirit - Are You Killing My Time (Stereomoon)
12.Shyun feat Lauren Cole - Move (Mayan audio)
13.Elliot Moss - Slip (SpectraSoul Bootleg)
14.Riya feat. Enei - You or Me (Spearhead)
15.Logistics - Murderation (Anile Remix) (Hospital)
16.Riya feat. Fox, GQ, Total Science - Dont You Know (Spearhead)
17.Dimension - UK (Mta)
18.J Matics and Xeropoints - Hardcore (Physmatics)
19.Lion UK - Dreamscape (Format)
20.Scartat - 6am Prayer (Kfa)
21.Rudical - Love Piece and Joy (Infidel Bassline Squad)
22.Dub Berzerka - Lets Do It (High R8 Digital)
23.Chicko - Lights (Spatium)
24.Nelver - Vikkys Song(Celsius)
25.Naibu - Heartgold (Horizons Music)
26.Salaryman - The Others (The Bughouse)
27.Drumcatcher - Tigris (Fokuz)
28.Etch - Gravity Flip (Purple City Souffle)
29.Mr FijiWiji, Direct & ARUNA - Time to Say Goodbye (ARUNA vs. Rameses B Remix)(Monstercat)

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post Jan 17 2017, 22:11
Post #14

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Welcome to Pirate Station 2017!
The first episode was with a guest mix by KEXIT and my new year selection!


KEXIT guestmix:
1/Fred V And Grafix x Metrik - Tension (feat. Kate Westall)
2/Memtrix - Clouds In Commune (Original Mix)
3/The Upbeats - Cauldron (feat. Agressor Bunx)
4/Kexit - Blasphemer (Dub)
5/Aktive - Let It Off (Original Mix)
6/Memtrix - Ic Yr Pain (Original Mix)
7/Magnetude - Warpath
8/Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC - War Is Over (feat. Harry Shotta, Example & Erb N Dub) [Erb N Dub Remix]
9/DC Breaks and Prolix - Infinity
10/Des McMahon & Consouls - The Game (feat. MC ID)
11/oneBYone & Gydra - Feel The Power
12/Kexit - Cut Ya Face (Dub)

GVOZD vibez:
1.4Everest - Iris (Such Music)
2.Edlan - One Way Home (Fokuz)
3.Toronto Is Broken - Spirit Song 2017 VIP(Histeria)
4.Youngman - Sorry(Technique dub)
5.Kotu feat Iyspah - Above Flatline DJ edit(Frontline dub)
6.Fred V Grafix X Metrik feat Kate Westall - Tension (Hospital dub)
7.Mv- Pow (Histeria)
8.Rene Lavice - Sound Barrier (Ram)
9.Command Strange Unlimited Bass(Chronic dub)
10.Turno - Rakklesnake (Gun audio)
11.Beast Mode and Miss Tantrum - Secrets an Desires(Execution)
12.Modified Motion and Faction - Nice Tune (Sweet Tooth)
13.Sinja - Cloak (RW digital)
14.LSide Get By(Chronic dub)
15.Bass Shock - Rest in Pieces (Ocboz)
16.Frankee - Drop It Low vip(Ram)
17.Frenzee - Barbarian (Dumbstop2bass)
18.Mavu - Insomnia (Twisted Beatz Audio)
19.Subsonic - Morse Code(Samurai Bass audio)
20.Bou and Dispoze - Purple(Wobble Infection digital)
21.Captain Bass - Optimum (Shake Your Bass Audio)
22.Tyke feat. Yisrael - Dream Catcher(Playaz)
23.Chris Kaoz - Control Unit (Infidel Bassline Squad)
24.Xtrah - Nachtmuzik (Cyberfunk)
25.Kaiza+St4sh - Grief( Free Download)
26.Monty - Fat Fields (Cyberfunk)
27.Cybin & Trex - Initiate (Ill Truth Remix) (Lockdown)
28.Spyke - Congo (Karavan)
29.Rado - Throne (Respect free, promo)
30.Sick Run - Black Hole (Sub Bass Physics)
31.Fireflake - The Virus (Red Alfa)
32.Dyamorph - Squash (You So Fat)
33.L 33 - Destabilise (C4C)
34.Agressor Bunx - Drop The Bass (Santoku)
35.Kursiva feat Coppa - Demon Inside (Red Light)
36.Gancher and Ruin - Almanach (Kinetik)
37.Deskai - Fata Morgana(Scientific)
38.The Mord - Danger Level (Sliver)
39.Digital Fracture - Exploration (Kosenprod)
40.Papa G and Jamie G - Chill Out (Hazardous music)
41.John Browne - Nipper (Red Alfa)
42.Riffz and Jahnglist Bwoy - Bad Luck (dj Hybrid remix)(Deep In A Jungle)
43.Physical Illusion - Pensive Mood (Electrosoul System remix)(Intelligent)
44.Bop - Cosmic Girl (Hospital dub)
the 800th episode of the show was full of good vibes and energy with the guestmixes by JAH CONDAH + MR KINGSTON, DISSIDENT, ELECTROSOUL SYSTEM! Enjoy!


1 Mighty Dreadnut - Ganjaman Anthem
2 DJ K - Brighter Dayz
3 DJ K - Flyin (Default RMX) (Sound So Fierce)
4 Walkingstik - Motivation 2
5 Jah Condah - Rock The Funky Beats
6 16 Armed Jack - Coppershot
7 Smokah - Bowling For Soundclash
8 Setwon - Say War
9 Jah Condah - XXX (Dubplates)
10 Smokah - Praer
11 Jah Condah - Wickedest Man
12 Gromov - Comeagane
13 Jah Condah - Lighta (Sound So Fierce)
14 General Malice - Fi Dead
15 Kid B - Cali Ganja
16 Jah Condah - XXX (Dubplates)

DISSIDENT guestmix:
1.Alix Perez - Drifting
2. Kid Drama ft Skeptikal - Luv
3. GLXY - Astoria
4. Philth - Earth
5. Zero T - Too Close To See
6. Ant TC1, DLR - The Grip
7. Nymfo - Coming Through (Quadrant, Iris & Ant TC1 rmx)
8. Current Value - Subliminal
9. Current Value - Unthinkable
10. Need For Mirrors - Hurts
11. Dissident & Cyberworm - Zerkalo

01 Derrick & Tonika – Taipan
02 Barbitura – Movin’
03 Lowriderz & Grinder – Just Imposible
04 Reborn – Black Hole
05 Storm Crew – Step Off (Green Vibes Remix)
06 Electrosoul System – Jungle Dub
07 Electrosoul System & Deeizm – Gonna Make You Move Tonight
08 Pryzma – Starfixer (Electrosoul System Smack My Borsch Mix)
09 Bcee – Summery ft. Filippa Hanna (Electrosoul System Remix)
10 Cryo – Sing To Me

GVOZD vibez:
1Dapz - Nu Jack City (Dapz 2016 relick)(Klp)
2Hugh Hardie - SoundSystem Dub (Hospital dub)
3Klax - Risk It (Critical)
4Was A Be - Dont Break (The Dreamers)
5Marvellous Cain - The HitMan (Inna Culture Remix)(Riqyardrock)
6Lakeway - Shelled (Diffrent)
7Receptor - Crossover (Mainframe)
8Billain - Manifold (Neonlight Remix) (Bad Taste dub)
9Ulterior Motive feat Ben Verse - The Real (Shogun audio)
10Mr Joseph feat TRAC and Deeizm - Good Vibez (Liquid V dub)
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post Jan 25 2017, 12:02
Post #15

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

This episode is full of energy and jungle/junghall vibes strictly from Jamaica by Orisha Sound and Shel K alongside dj Marina Roxy from Russia! Welcome...


01. Dj Cautious - Rough Love ( K Jah Remix )
02. Ward 21 - Og Kush ( Benny Page Remix)
03. Dillinja - Gangsta (Serum Remix)
04. Dj Hybrid - Puffin Erbz (Dj Westy Remix)
05. Sizzla - Im Living (Ed Solo Stickybuds Instrumental Remix)
06. Think Tonk - Bury Dem
07. Richie Brains - Splatta feat. Fox
08. Habitat - Revival
09. Goldie - Terminator
10. Jfl - Tequila Sunrise ( Jungle Cakes Vol 4 )
11. Salaryman - Ring The Alarm ( Vip )
12. Dirt Monkey - Jungle Juice ( Original Mix )

GVOZD vibez:
1Rameses B - Goddess (VIP)(self release)
2D-Sabber & Jazz 3000 feat.Noirmorning - Gravity (dub)
3Martin Eriksson Feat Freedah Soul - Welcome To Malmo (Soul Crew Remix) (Nothing But)
4Grafix - One Of These Days (Mainframe)
5Matrix & Futurebound - The Wall (Viper)
6PhaseOne - Broken Chains (DC Breaks Remix)(Disciple)
7Still A Bud - Lazerlight (Fresh)
8Mind Vortex - Shall We Begin (Ram)
9Raizer - Abduction (Fixt)
10Billain Batbots (Mindscape Remix)(Bad Taste dub)
11Cod3x - Ghouls (Major League Dnb)
12Ephyum - Devoid (Delta9)
13Octo Pi - Bring It (VIP) (Aft)
14False Noise - Sky Shards (Upscale)
15Bstract & Rokstedy - American Hustler (Dephzac remix)(In:Deep Music)
16dj Cautious - Fat Booty (Brian Brainstorm remix) (Deep In The Jungle)
17Troublesome & Dejedi ft Tippa Irie & D Fly - Always There (Totally Dubwise)
18Digid - Gun Talk (Halogen Music)
19dj STP- Boi Better Step ( Audio Overload Jungle)
20RMS - About The Music (Dubsoul)
21Sound Shifter - They Call It Murder(Deep In The Jungle)
22Loadstar - Guerilla (Ram)
23Dawn Raid - Fatal Attraction ( Hocus Pocus)
24Seba - Inner World (Secret Operations)
25The Vanguard Project - Sundance (Fokuz)
26Greekboy - Crystals (Liquid Drops)
27Kwabs - Walk (NuTone Remix)(Hospital dub)
28Lenzman feat. IAMDDB - In My Mind (The North Quarter)
29Theoretical & TerraBass - Dreamers (Liquid Brilliants)
30Physics & Mr Joseph feat. Jere Garcia - Landslide Of Love (Influenza Media)
31.Mr Joseph - Wonderlands (Liquid V dub)
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post Feb 16 2017, 02:40
Post #16

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

3 episodes post)
With the guestmix by the legend of the scene dj RAP (UK)


Dj RAP (UK) guestmix:
Rocket guns blazing-The Prototypes
Im Gone-Drumsound& Bassline Smith Feat BullySongs
White Flag-Delta Heavy
Bring it back-Tantrum Desire Remix
Do you Like that- DJRAP Propa Talent
Lets Go Out -Eat Glitter+shine DJRAP Propa Talent
Leibiniz-Mefjus&Insideinfino feat the upbeats
Dead Limits-Nosia&The upbeats
Until The World Ends (Mind Votex Remix)

GVOZD vibez:
1.Document One - 7th Dimension (Technique dub)
2.BMotion vs. Dossa & Locuzzed - Love Blind (Viper)
3.Phace - Beyond Number (Blackout)
4.Nouwa - Kraken (You So Fat)
5.Maniatics - Humans Vampires(Kosenprod)
6.Ephyum - Devoid (Delta9)
7.Redpill - 1234 (Invisible)
8.Dizkret - Combination (Suspect Device)
9.Kexit - Blasphemer (dub)
10.Rob Gasser - Antimatter (Most Addictive)
11.Ferception - Saturnine (dub)
12.Mateba-War-Hydro - Nostalgia (Warm Communication)
13.DC Breaks - Everybody (Ram)
14.Rado - Look At Me (Respect dub)
15.Digid - Gun Talk (Halogen Music)
16.Jam Thieves - Checkmate (Playaz)
17.Paul T and Edward Oberon - Drip Drop (Chronic)
18.Machines - Ears Still Blastin (Phantom Dub Digital)
19.Benny Page - Badd Inna England (Dub Shotta)
20.Klip & Outlaw - Heat from Jamaica (Biological Beats)
21.Hizzleguy - Throw A Dog A Bone (Iron Fist Audio)
22.Jam Thieves - One Drop (Playaz)
23.Jedi and Captain Bass - Rock The Beat (Audio Overload)
24.Jedi - Greedy Slob (Dumbstop2bass)
25.Nightfang - Evil Within (Wobble Infection digital)
26.Jaydan & Raz - Hard (Smokin Riddims)
27.SPY - Skyzophonic VIP (Hospital)
28.Ulterior Motive feat. Ben Verse - The Real (Shogun Audio)
29.Moving Sticks & Mangosta - Lets Get This Straight (dub)
30.Phil Tangent, Pennygiles - Crossing the Rubicon (Metalheadz Platinum)
31.Schematic - 44 Hours (Flight Pattern)
32.Mr Joseph feat Kate White - Last Train Home (Liquid V dub)
33.Nexus & Tight - Spirit (VIP) (Silent Audio)
34.Azhot - Brighton Beach (Soulbass)
35.Green Vibes - Tonight (dub)
36.Phaeny - Copper ( Smooth N Groove)
37.Razer Stil & Mauglee - Lancelot (dub)
38.DRS feat. Calibre - This Ain't Love (SoulR)
39.Adey B - Luminescence (Invasion)
40.Physical Illusion - Pensive Mood (Intelligent)
With a guestmix by veterans of the broken beat(& dnb of course) scene BEAT ASSASSINS (UK)


1. Space Yardie Intro
2. Metrik - Worldwide ft The Ragga Twins - Hospital Records
3. Beat Assassins - Deny ft ELi - Mofo Recordings
4. DC Breaks - Breath ft Gibson (Adam F Remix) - Ram Records
5. Beat Assassins - See Ma Gun Go ft Miss Stylie - Mofo Recordings
6. Beat Assassins - Wake Ya Whole Block - Mofo Recordings
7. Beat Assassins - The Raid - Mofo Recordings
8. Beat Assassins - To The Top - Mofo Recordings
9. Friction - Bring it Back ft Stylo G - Shogun
10. Turntable Dubbers - Be There For You ft Doctor (T & Sugah Remix) - Nice Up Records
11. Beat Assassins - War Dem ft Miss Stylie - Mofo Recordings
12. Beat Assassins - War Dem ft Miss Stylie (TREI Remix) - Mofo Recordings
13. Beat Assassins - Procrasti-Nation ft ELi - Mofo Recordings

GVOZD vibes:
1Barely Royal ft Lo - Fire In The Dark (Pola and Bryson remix) (Sausy)
2Futuristik ft Charlotte Haining - Feeling This Way(Liquicity)
3Sigala and Digital Farm Animals - Only One (Brookes Brothers remix)(MinistryOfSound)
4The Prototypes - Electric (Get Hype)
5Gydra feat. Tayser - Make My Life (Let It Roll dub)
6KS - Make Some Noise (Abducted ltd)
7Response feat Pliskin - Seal Clubba (Tempo)
8Habitat - Distant (Wrec)
9Cruk - The Moment(Dispatch)
10nFunk - Bad Situation (Critical Bass)
11Optiv and Cza - Dead Beat (Malux remix)(C4C)
12Gydra - Noise Of The Machine(C4C dub)
14Katharsys - Subsiders (Othercide)
15High Rankin - Bow Or Burn (Prspct)
16Fretman - Ultron (Spectre audio)
17Operate - Shapeshifters(Young Guns)
18L3mmy Dubz - Hombres (Reload)
19Jedi - Theres A Better Way(Audio Overload Jungle)
20K Motionz and Subsonic - Worlds (D-Stortion)
21Exploid - Spoiled (Shake Your Bass)
22Bass Shock - Instrument (Stickybass)
23Lowriderz - Up On Ugly( Digital Terror, free)
24Spaow - Royal Juice (Digital Terror, free)
25Alibi Trunk feat MC Coppa (V dub)
26Synergy feat Miss Trouble - Warrior Sound (Eatbrain)
27Drum Force 1 - Through Fire (Creative)
28Poor In Spirit - Miracle (Stereomoon)
29Knautic - High Tree (Levrige remix) (East Van Digital)
30Calyx Teebee - Ruffian(Ram)
31Red Army Clima - Murder In Dub (Dust audio)
32Corrupted - Kolka (Ronin Ordinance)
33Taelimb - Lights Out (Flexout Audio)
34Mako - A Break From Suspension (Dispatch)
35Spectron - Lost Tribe (Monochrome)
36Dom & Roland - Ultraviolet (Dom & Roland production)
37Paulie Walnuts feat. Gqeq - Watch This (Rockers 175)
38Kit Curse - Almost Human (Sinuous)
39Exploid, Diaz Soto - Entropy (Druid)
40Funkware - There For Us (Funkstuff)
41Yes Man Jellyfish - Sleep (Dr Meaker remix)(YMJ music)
This episode was full of love and high dancefloor energy by dj FLADE (Moldova) guestmix, enjoy!)


FLADE guestmix:
01. Mija - Secrets
02. Misfit - Capture Our Soul
03. BMotion - Release Valve
04. Smooth - Revenge
05. Memtrix - Ic Yr Pain
06. PhaseOne - Broken Chains (DC Breaks Remix)
07. The Prototypes - Electric
08. JLO - Waiting For Tonight (Oliverse 2017 Bootleg)
09. Logistics - Destination
10. Rameses B - Virtuality
11. Tantrum Desire - Nightmare
12. Memtrix - Black Moon
13. Adam F - Circles (dRamatic & dbAudio Unofficial remix)
14. Klone - Oblivion
15. Tantrum Desire - Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
16. Chris SU - First Snow
17. Shyun feat Lauren Cole - Move
18. oneBYone - Untouched World
19. TC & Metrik - The Light (AMC Remix)
20. InsideInfo & Mefjus - Mythos
21. Frankee - Snarl
22. Makoto - Speed of Life
23. Stim Axel - Snachala
24. TC - Storm Brew (Whiney Remix)
25. L 33 - Drop It Down Low
26. Enei - Vertigo (Current Value Remix)
27. Document One - 7th Dimension
28. Stanton Warriors & Tony Quattro - Get Low (The Vanguard Project Remix)
29. Fox Stevenson - Knowhow
30. Camo & Krooked ft Joe Killington - If I Could
31. Submotion Orchestra - Empty Love (GLXY Remix)
32. Fourward - Over

GVOZD vibez:
1.WRLD feat. Ashdown - Everything (Monstercat)
2.Murdock - Make Me Stronger (Viper)
3.Delta Heavy - Kaleidoscope (Ram)
4.Alexx Rave - So What (BUZZions dub)
5.D-Sabber feat.DADA I - Weapon Sound (Respect dub)
6.Matful - Machete (dub)
7.Ferception - Vortex (dub)
8.InsideInfo - Spychase (Viper)
9.A-Cray - Glitch (Let It Roll)
10.Maniatics - Player (Let It Roll)
11.Computerartist Qo Nuklear mc - Apex (Hoofbeats Music)
12.Counterstrike - Vitriol (Algorythm)
13.Crossfaith - Rx Overdrive (Zardonic Remix)(Ariola)
14.Chris Cause - Endgame (Seminal Sounds)
15.The Force - Kick The Flow (Ruffneck Ting)
16.Document One - The Rhythm (Technique dub)
17.Fena - Go (Murky Digital)
18.Subsonic - The Beast (Wobble Infection digital)
19.Dangerous & Basstripper - Burn Out (Sr2)
20.Simskai - Attack (Space Beat)
21.Divided and Captain Bass - Mortal Laugh(Stickybass)
22.Damage Report - Backspace (Holographic Audio)
23.Stompz - Timbale Riddim (Shiftin Beats)
24.Sweet n Sikka - Ridiculous(Natty Dub)
25.Flat T - Derailed (Director's Cut)
26.Agro - The Music (Sub-Liminal)
27.Lao Wai - Dirty Rotten (Blu Saphir Limited)
28.Ikon B and Crisis - Babylon Fi Dead (Section remix)(Format Music Dnb)
29.Dr Meaker - Wanna Feel Love (Klax Remix)(Circus)
30.Thematic - Subversion (Influenza Media)
31.Sense mc - State Of The Art (Different)
32.Qbig & Zenith B feat. MC Resc - No Need (N3ptune Remix) (Iridescent)
33.Scar - Rogue Wave (Dispatch)
34.Villem and Mcleod feat Heidi Vogel - The Sea (Spearhead)
35.Green Vibes - Take Me Out (dub)
36.Impish - Tell Me (Fokuz)
37.FlashbackFm - Feelin (Live History)
38.Mojoman - Inner Echo (Beatalistics)
39.Need For Mirrors and Phil Tangent - Polaroid (CIA Deep Kut)
40.Larigold - Trapped Tonight (Celsius)
41.Blastikz - Afraid To Let Go(Nu Venture)
42.Kusp - Lustre (Context Audio)
43.Josephs Perception - Lights Down(Dutty Zoot)
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post Feb 22 2017, 15:44
Post #17

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Welcome to te new episode of the show! Full of positive vibes and hyper tunes by my guest
D-SABBER and me Pirate Station brings a charge of good emotions and street knowledge! Enjoy!


D-SABBER guestmix:
1_Placenta - Wolves & sheep(D-Sabber Remix)
2_D-Sabber - weapon sound (feat.DADA I)
3_Dr Meaker - remedy(feat. Romaine Smith)
4_Aphrodite - styles from the darkside
5_D-Sabber - Run here
6_dj Fresh - funk academy
7_D-Sabber - Omega
8_D-Sabber - Smash
9_Chase & Status - No Problem
10_D-Sabber - Palace of Emperor
11_Camo & Krooked - Breezeblock
12_D-Sabber - fragment of the future
13_TC & Metrik -the light

GVOZD vibes:
1Dushi - Falling (Radius)
2Carter & Salem - Iliza (Jazzsticks)
3Reid Speed Feat. Scott Bernhardt - Animal (Play Me)
4Coppa & HIgh Roll - Here and Now (D-Region & Code Remix)(Comanche dub)
5Davip Dm - Tonight (Chaser remix) (Ayra)
6Teddy Killerz - Monkey Kingdom (Ram)
7Emperor - Haste (Phace Remix)(Critical Music)
8The Voss - B. Sinister (Grindhou5E)
9Bobby - Hacked (Dnb France)
10Anatomix - My Time (Optiv and BTK remix)(Neurofunkgrid)
11Black Sun Empire & Noisia - The Veil (Blackout Music Nl)
12Anatomix ft Coppa - Alien (A Cray remix)(Neurofunkgrid)
13Davip - Mimic Octopus (Self Release)
14Vici & The Clamps - Consequences(Dnb France)
15Stranjah & Tyr Kohout - Vicissitude (Audio Addict)
16Clusta - Hyperlink (Conga)
17Nosfer - Clockwork(Counterpoint)
18Odbass - I Confess (Smokin Riddims)
19Telekom & Link - What Are They(Mutated Resonance)
20Turno - The Invaderz (Charge)
21Kanine & Slipz - Keyboard Warrior ( Subway Soundz)
22DJ Fresh vs. Diplo - Bang Bang (Rene LaVice's Trigger Happy Remix)(541 Belgium)
23Beat Assassins See Ma Gun Go ft Miss Stylie (MoFo dub)
24Mike Hanna - Jungleground - Jungleground (Im Digital)
25Steppa Style & Marcus Visonary feat George Palmer - Pack Up (Totally Dubwise)
26Gunmen - Steppin Razor (Rasta Vibez)
27Exposure feat. Mark Douglas - Regrets ( Ar Audio)
28Fractale - Axis (The Dreamers)
29Lewis James - Lomp (Lowriders)
30Notion - Mr. Interrogator (Clear Conceptions)
31Unreal Project - Wonder (Re.Set Audio)
32Dub Head - Bad Signal (Dispatch)
33Skeptical & Alix Perez - Without A Trace (Exit)
34Subtle Element - Overkill (Infidelity)
35Cirrus - Moment (Onset Audio)
36Xorgen & Sander Lite - Gagarin (Live History)
37Dave Owen - Ill Gotten Gains (Weapons Of Choice)
38Jazzatron - Prove Di Groovah (Liquid Drops)
39Lenzman - Bayview(The North Quarter)
40Physics - Father (Sheer Velocity)
41Nuvertal feat. Mau Rain - Get Deeper (Influenza Media)
42Pola & Bryson - Monument (Shogun Audio)
43Goldie & Ulterior Motive - I Adore You (Radio Edit)(Metalheadz)
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post Mar 2 2017, 14:03
Post #18

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

This episode was full of moods and emotions which lives inside the tracks of Pirate Station History headliners! Enjoy! slayer.gif


GVOZD history vibes:
Pendulum - Another Planet
Original Sin - Dr Feels Good
Wilkinson, P Money, Arlissa - Heartbeat (Calyx& Teebee remix)
Friction & Skream feat Scrufizzer P Money & Riko Dan - Kingpin (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot (Calyx and Teebee remix)
Pendulum - Slam
Original Sin - Therapy (Remix)
Fresh & Pendulum - Kingston Vampires
Pendulum - Masochist
Stim Axel - Bez Tebya
Stim Axel - Tishina
Technical Itch - Voodoo Mayan
Technical Itch feat MC Jakes - The Risin'
Technical Itch vs The Panacea - Semisation
Technical Itch - I See You
Black Sun Empire feat Inne Eysermans - Killing The Light (June Miller remix)
BSE - B Negative
BSE & Concord Dawn - The Sun VIP
Audio - Bag Of Bones (Black Sun Empire remix)
Black Sun Empire feat Foreign Beggars - Dawn Of A Dark Day (Receptor remix)
Black Sun Empire & Pythius - Catalyst
Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind - Twisted Up
Calyx and Teebee - Get It Twisted
Frankee - Clap Your Hands
Frankee - Drop It Low vip
Pendulum - Trail Of Sevens
Pendulum - Salt In the Wounds
Original Sin - No Limit
Original Sin - Expansions
Original Sin - Pimp, Dont Limp
Original Sin - So Vivid
Original Sin - 3000 Miles
Pendulum ft Fresh and Spyda& Tenor Fly - Tarantula
Pendulum - Vault
Frankee - Gully (Gabba Core vip)
Frankee, Basher - Weep
Foreign Beggars & Alix Perez Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix).
Detour City, Wilkinson - Too Close (Frankee Remix)
Calyx Teebee - Ruffian
Calyx & Teebee - Long Gone
Frankee - Black Heart
Original Sin - Say
Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound
Pendulum feat. Steven Wilson - The Fountain
Teebee - Capable
Stim Axel - Petersburg
Stim Axel - Snachala
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post Mar 16 2017, 22:16
Post #19

True Playa

Group: Jungle Massive
Posts: 337
Joined: 14 September 2011

Hi! welcome to our spring vibes!


GVOZD vibez:
1Cloud 9+ - Radio (Supermanagement)
2L Plus & John B - Original 80s (Technique)
3Jaguar Skills & Wide Awake - Fly (Original Sin Remix)(Viper)
4Dossa & Locuzzed - Stoned Love(Viper)
5Indivision - Gladio (Fat Tape)
6Scoop & Alter Ego - Born to Do It (Benny V & Halcyon Remix)(Dance Concept)
7Ozma Lowriderz Gvozd - Bone Crunching (Multifunction dub)
8Voltage Voodoo - Neurobic (Melting Pot)
9NickBee - Blizzard (Vandal)
10L 33 - Karate (Neonlight remix)(Eatbrain)
11The Upbeats - Babylon (Vision)
12Optiv & BTK feat. Kryptomedic - Crowd Control(Virus)
13Killbox - Bound to Others (Ram)
14Trei & Insomniax - Pulling Teeth (Viper )
15Rusty K - AC-130 (The Clamps Remix)(Close2Death)
16Octo Pi - Whale Call (Aft)
17Chaser - Imprint (Ignescent)
18Proxima - Outworld (Invisible)
19The Upbeats - De-Evolution (Vision)
20Aeph - Deathcamp Thirteen (Lifted)
21Goodinglish - Division (Self-Released)
22Nephrollian-Clips (Invasion)
23Mr. Frenkie - Respawn (Program)
24Lowder - Rough Movement (Kinetik)
25Metrik feat Rothwell - We Got It (SPY Remix)(Hospital)
26FD- The Edges (Sun and Bass)
27Alibi Ft MC Coppa - Trunk (V)
28Greekboy - 1,2,3,Jump (Soulbass)
29Jinx - Break It (Hocus Pocus)
30Dell Jones & Dutta - Lost (Dutta remix)(8Bawlaz)
31Dominator - Art Form (Low Down Deep)
32Joy Mobility - Whoa (Shake Your Bass)
33Captain Bass & Hi Hatz - Dedicate (Space Beat)
34Damage Report - Cardboard Cut Out (Iron Fist)
35Nightfang - Deepweb (Filthy Habits Remix)(Mindblow)
36Dutta - Pixelated (Stickybass)
37DEZ feat. Turno - Mr Kali (Serial Killaz)
38Asylum - Maybe (Eternal Muzic)
39Kenji - Mental Requirements(Nasty Bit Of Work)
40LBS - Signal (K-Motionz Remix) (Dub Voltage)
41Damageman and Sam Harris - Hot Knives (Banger After Banger)
42Snails & Pegboard Nerds - Deep in the Night (Muzzy Remix)(Monstercat)
43Dirtyphonics - Teleportation (The Prototypes Remix)(Audioporn)
44Benny L & Dub Fx - Warm (Rushmore Remix)(Audioporn)
45Spectrasoul - Beat Keeps (Ish Chat Music)
46Atlantic Connection - Geppetto (Westbay Music)
47Need For Mirrors - Wet Pine (Fokuz)
48Furney - Missouri (Soul Deep exclusive)
49Fishy - Reconnect (Atmomatix)
50Funkware - Sustain Moods (Funkstuff)
51Satl - Let's Fall In Love ( Soul Trader)
52Atlantic Connection - Soul Musiq (Westbay music)
53Duoscience - Other Faces (Such Music)
54Mystific - Stealing Tons (Smooth N Groove)


GVOZD vibes:
1Camo & Krooked - Good Times Bad Times (Ram)
2Noisia - The Entangled (Camo Krooked Remix)(Vision)
3Fred V Grafix - Hurricanes Wild Love (Hospital)
4Mind Vortex - The Day After (Ram)
5Document One - Its Alright (Technique)
6Pegboard Nerds - Speed of Light (Andy C Remix)(Monstercat)
7Tomz - Night Is Ours (Wednesday Sound)
8Emeli Sande - Highs & Lows (Kove Remix)(Virgin)
9Rameses B - Virtuality (Monstercat)
10L Plus - Avenger (Technique)
11Drumsound, Bassline Smith - Thug Killer (Technique dub)
12Ozma & Lowriderz - Break Your Move (Mainframe dub)
13Hoogs - Entertainment Licence (High R8 Digital)
14Monty - Jump Into The Smiley Hole (Impact)
15Amen B and Verrya - Flight 370 (Wednesday Sound)
16D-Sabber feat.DADA I - Weapon Sound (Respect/Pirate Station)
17DJ Sly & Pacso - Honey Monster (Low Down Deep)
18Estelle Come Over (Ji Ben Gong Bootleg)
19Justin Martin feat. Will Clarke - Back to the Jungle (DJ Marky Remix)
20Rumbleton - A New Day (North Of 7 Sounds)
21SR - Shocker (Ghetto Dub)
22Monotype & Hyde Uk - World Of Dub (Type G Audio)
23TKB - Wet Impracticable Jungle 2 (Pirate Station/Respect)
24Dissident & Cyberworm - Spiritual Existential Funk(KosMos)
25Think Tonk - Setman (V)
26L Plus feat. Coppa - Lock of the Greatest (Technique dub)
27Gancher & Ruin vs Jade - Jump!(Eatbrain/Pirate Station)
28Karmasynk - From The Moon (Swamp Music)
29Total Science and Break - Big Time Winners (CIA)
30Xylophobe - The Purge (Warfare)
31Robotaki - Automaton (Monstercat)
32Paranoiac Del - Collecting All Noisy Sounds (Respect dub)
33Picota & Kumbh - Termopilas (Comanche)
34Mugshot - Spider (Inna Rhythm)
35Xtrah - The Embarkment (Dispatch)
36AX Farel - Cork Up (Impish Remix) (Occulti)
37Symptom - Stay Tough (Ghetto Dubz)
38Sequend - Mortification (Close 2 Death)
39Aramis 83 - Melody Of 8 Bit Life (Wednesday Sound)
40Homemade Weapons - Traitors (Weaponry)
41Melinki - Forgive Me (Dnb Source)
42Pola, Bryson feat. Charlotte Haining - Find Your Way (Shogun Audio)
43MSdoS - Minimalistico (Liquid Flavors)
44Flaco - You Get Lonely (Innerground)
45Gvozd - Bigpianoroll (Pirate Station/Respect)
46Imagery feat. Kimra - The Heat (Sevin Remix) (Fizzy Beats)
47Cub Sonic - Summer Breath (Bad Karma)
48RoyGreen & Protone x Paul SG - Carpaccio Funk (Spearhead)
49Command Strange - If U Wanna Make A Love (Wednesday Sound)
50Toper & 007 & Jurassic feat Evgeny Shishkin - Zapakh Rodnogo Goroda (Gunsta)
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post Mar 23 2017, 13:01
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Welcome to listen a new episode of Pirate Station with a trippy guestmix by RESOUND (Finland) and my wicked selection of the fresh stuff!


RESOUND guestmix:
Notion - Somehow Right Now
Homemade Weapons - Keelhaul
Rogue State - Origins
Kiat - Procession
J Kenzo - Intalek (Resound RMX)
Calibre - Enter
Homemade Weapons - Overcast
Homemade Weapons - Traitors
Datson - One Seven One

GVOZD vibes:
1Dimension - Generator (Mta)
2L Plus - Serum (Technique)
3Bassface Sascha and Feindsoul - Worldwide (Ruffneck Ting)
4Drumliar + Plus Band - #Vseravnomoya (Drumliar Remix)(dub)
5D-Sabber - Fragment Of The Future (Respect dub)
6Jumpforce - My Sky (dub)
7SKMA - Conflict (Sub Slayer dub)
8Maxim Ft Kestra - Where Do We Go (Drum Rebel dub)
9Ozma & Lowriderz - Burr Bwoy (Multifunction dub)
10TPhonic & Deadman - Scare Tactics (Technique dub)
11Dima Pulsar - Pirates Anthem (Pirats Station dub)
12Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Cobra VIP (Technique dub)
13Current Value - Agility (Blackout)
14Tobax - Monstro (Metro audio/Pirate Station)
15Voltage Voodoo and Kursiva - No God(Melting Pot)
16Current Value - Sacred (Blackout)
17Kexit - Frag (Respect/Pirate Station)
18Fa11out & Vegas - Black Bones (Bad Taste dub)
19Andy Pain - NZT48 (Demand dub)
20Skeletone - Octavius (Flight Pattern)
21Bop - Untitled Pattern 47 (Med School)
22Macrothyst - Seethe (Shedule One)
23EastColors - Evidence (Enei remix)(Demand dub)
24Nebulist - Distant Thunder (Climactic)
25Indiekai & Akomplis feat. Mr Traumatik - Nobody (Spectre Audio)
26Stim Axel - Bez Tebya (Pirate Station)
27Martyn Nytram - Eyes Wide Shut (Shiftin Beatz)
28Think Tonk feat Inja - Whatever You Go Do (V)
29Gunmen feat. Esco - Girls (Rasta Vibez)
30Invadhertz - Burn (The Dreamers)
31Kenji - Studio (Twisted Beatz audio)
32Dialogue - If You Can't Beat Em (Sub-Liminal)
33Krusty & MC Weejii - Ghat Man (Stickybass)
34Damage Report - Get Down (Samurai Bass Audio)
35Emetic Reflex - Khalim's soul (dub)
36Andrezz - Free Your Mind (Liquid V dub)
37Madface feat. Benji Clements - Hold On (Ram)
38High Contrast feat. Boy Matthews - Questions (3Beat)
39In-Most - Changes (Soulvent)
40Rafau Etamski - Talk 2 You (Stepping Forward)
41London Elektricity Big Band - Remember The Future (Live version, Hospital)
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